11 beautiful shoulder bags that add storage and style to your summer looks


Thankfully, over the past few years, we’ve somehow moved beyond the antiquated notion that bags can only be worn by one gender, and instead the collective focus has shifted to the variety of styles of bags offered and when and where best to wear them.

We’re fans of all kinds of bags – from fashionable totes to reliable duffle bags and everything in between – but we’d say that aside from being one of the most stylish or statement-making pieces to own , the shoulder bag might just be the most versatile accessory for everyday life.

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As the name suggests, the shoulder bag is originally designed to be worn diagonally across the body, but in reality, you can wear it however you like. That said, when the bag is secured crosswise as intended, its functional capabilities really shine – with your hands unloaded you’re free to go about your usual business, and when you’re finally forced to dive into the bag for its contents , it’s right there. Another plus? With the bag in front of you, it’s almost always in view.

Here to guide you in finding your perfect shoulder bag, whether it’s for running errands, a night on the town or anything in between, we’ve picked out the best of them just below.

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