4 Brands in Canada with First-Time Membership Discounts New Canadians Should Know About


New to Canada? Not sure how to explain crippling inflation? Not that we can offer big budget solutions to help you solve these problems, but we can certainly help you make the most of some of the sign-up discounts that Canadian brands have to offer on your first purchases.

From groceries to clothing, some well-known brands across the country are offering exclusive discounts and perks to new subscribers to their membership programs.

Some brands won’t even charge you a signup fee, and all you need is a working email and phone to sign up. We even created accounts on all these websites/apps to test the legitimacy of these discounts.

So if you’re a new Canadian and want a taste of some discounted products and/or services, here are four brands that are giving new subscribers a bang for their buck.


Uber app on Android device.

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What is the discount: Uber is giving new members of their exclusive Uber One membership one month free, when they sign up for the first time.

Here’s what comes with membership: On eligible groceries, food and more, you won’t have to pay delivery charges. Members get an additional five percent off qualifying deliveries, pickup orders, and rides, plus an additional five dollar credit if your order arrives after the latest arrival time.

Members will also have access to some of the highest rated drivers for rides and any cancellations will incur no fees or penalties, according to Uber.

How to Access Membership or Register: Sign up on their website.


What is the discount: After subscribing to HelloFresh, you could get $40 off first delivery by using unique referral code.

Here’s what comes with membership: Don’t have time to go shopping? HelloFresh is ready to give you a discount on your first delivery if you subscribe to a meal plan using another subscriber’s unique referral code.

How to get the discount: Find a friend/family member who is already a HelloFresh subscriber and ask them to send you a referral code. So sign up to be a HelloFresh subscriber on their website.


What is the discount: 15% discount on your purchase in store or online when you join adiClub.

Here’s what comes with membership: As soon as you sign up for the adiClub rewards program, you will receive a 15% discount code on your next purchase for a limited time.

Members also get free shipping on all Adidas purchases, early access to popular store items, and more.

How to get the discount: Sign up for membership on their website.


What is the discount: 10% off your next purchase (in-store or online), when you sign up for their digital loyalty program.

What comes with membership: Loyal members can also expect an additional 15% off online orders for a limited time when they sign up and free standard shipping on orders over $30, among other things advantages.

How to Access Membership: Sign up on their website.

If you have experience with these discounts or have any interesting ones to add to this list, please leave a comment. Happy registration!


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