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March 12 marks International Fanny Pack Day—yes, it really is! Why not show your fanny pack love by gifting one of the beloved unisex belt bags to your friends and family this year? Many people find smart fanny packs amusing. Don’t let naysayers give the fanny pack an unjustified reputation!

Travelers say portable storage pouches are great accessories, especially for sightseeing, attending a concert or sporting event, going to an amusement park, or just making essentials more convenient when on the go. any shopping excursion. If you’re not convinced, browse through this fanny pack sample and you might be surprised how quickly you’ll want to put one on and go exploring.

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1. MAXTOP Large Crossbody Bum Bag with 4 Zippered Pockets

To those who know them and love them, no need to list the virtues of a fanny pack. But this Large shoulder belt bag with 4 zipped pockets from MAXTOP is smart enough for storage. Several zippered pockets to keep your essentials safe. Interior pockets hold your credit cards, ID and passport. And the main pouch is perfect for your phone, keys, wallet, Kleenex, etc. Plus, the large shoulder strap easily adjusts to allow the bag to be worn cross-body or around the waist. This hands-free bag is amazing!


Adidas belt bag

2. Adidas Originals National Waist Fanny Pack-Travel Bag

It makes sense that a major brand of sportswear, footwear and accessories like Adidas would offer its own National size banana travel bag. Whether they’re heading to a tournament or cycling in a triathlon, athletes are always on the move. And you don’t have to be a sports legend to appreciate the benefits of a fanny pack like this. There is a large main compartment and a zippered front compartment which contains an integrated key clip. Plus, the adjustable strap and front compartment feature the iconic Adidas logo.

3. Fanny Pack, Veckle Clear Fanny Pack Waterproof Cute Waist Bag Stadium Approved Transparent Handbag

Security standards are constantly evolving. That’s why Veckle designed this Transparent waist bag with stadium-approved transparency in mind. The two clear pockets easily display what you’re carrying for quick security checks and entry to stadium concerts and sporting events. The sturdy waist bag is made of BPA-free plastic. It’s also waterproof for those unexpected storms.

Freetoo waist bag

FREETOO waist bag for men and women

4. FREETOO Waist Bag Waist Bag for Men and Women Hip Bum Bag

For active people who like to organize their essentials, the FREETOO Waist Bag Waist Bag tick all the boxes. There are five different zippered pockets on this multifunctional fanny pack. The main compartment is even large enough to hold a 16 ounce water bottle. Interior pockets hold ID cards, tickets, passports, etc. Plus, a hidden pocket in the back rests against your body, perfect for valuables like keys or cash. It’s the ultimate portable organizer for camping, hiking, concerts, festivals, and more.

5. Havana Banana Fanny Pack Banana Print Waist Pack Bum Bag

If you’re looking for a fanny pack that offers a fashionable touch, look no further than the Havana Banana Fanny Pack Banana Print Banana Pack. Tipsy Elves’ banana print seems destined to travel with you to a tropical destination or at least a day on the beach. The range of party-ready products includes more whimsical printed designs, including flamingos, llamas and tigers. All bags come with an attached can/drink holder, and some models feature two drink holders, one for a flask and another for a can. Three separate storage compartments house everything you need.

Funny fanny pack

Funny Dad Beer Belly Bag

6. KETEP Dad Beer Belly Funny Bag Gag Gifts

There’s a prankster in every group, and if you need a hilarious gag or white elephant gift, consider this Funny Dad Beer Belly Bag by KETEP. The fanny pack features a puffy hairy belly photo that looks incredibly real to the wearer. It’s a super fun gift idea for that guy in your life – girls can wear it for a laugh too! Like all fanny packs, this bag holds essentials for shopping trips, vacations, amusement parks, and more.


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