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The case of Adidas:

If you walk around campus and look at people’s shoes, you’re bound to see a lot of Nike. But you are also likely to see a good number of Adidas. While these two shoe manufacturers are very similar, there are many areas where Adidas is beating Nike with a landslide.

For starters, Adidas has a much more minimalist and simplistic design that remains extremely stylish while maintaining its integrity. Although Nike has a beautiful design, its products are less authentic than Adidas.

In addition to these general design differences, the Adidas brand has a direct correlation with a single sport (soccer) while Nike tries to do it all and affiliates with all of the different sports. The unique connection to a sport creates a lot more confidence in my eyes, and I’m sure the eyes of other clients too.

Adidas is also a much more recognized foreign product than Nike, as Adidas is a German company and Nike is based in the United States. The foreign advantage of Adidas is very enthusiastic in the eyes of Americans, as well as in the eyes of people of different nations, as most of the branded clothing products originate from the United States.

Finally, the Adidas logo beats the Nike logo of a landslide, as it is much more dynamic and varies a lot more. Nike tends to stick with its simple swoosh logo, sometimes adding Nike and “Just Do It”, but other than that there isn’t much variation.

Overall, Adidas is a premium brand, much more minimalist and stylish; induces a feeling of authenticity in the eyes of customers; has a foreign advantage and has a better and more dynamic logo.

The case of Nike:

Nike is known for producing very good quality athletic shoes and clothing. They also have innovative technologies like Air Max technology which improve the performance of the athlete. Air Max technology provides additional comfort to the feet by allowing air to ventilate and move freely. Nike has great running shoes like the Roshe-Runs, Air Presto, Air Max series and more.

I’ve been wearing the same Nike jersey, shoes, socks and jackets for about four years playing soccer and basketball, and they haven’t aged or been damaged at all.

I also find their brand message to be more powerful and their athletic achievements to be more transcendent. “Just Do It” is the most recognizable motto in the history of marketing and is a brilliant yet simple phrase.

In 2017, the Nike brand is valued at $ 29.6 billion. Nike ranked 89th on the 2018 Fortune 500 list of America’s largest companies in terms of total revenue, making it the most valued brand among sports companies.

Nike is also one of the oldest and still is one of the biggest brands in terms of footwear and sportswear. It has been well established for a very long time now. In my opinion, he grew up regarding his signature basketball athletes. In the beginning, it was Michael Jordan who really put Nike on the map with the Air Jordan 1s, which are not only used for basketball, but also as a fashion statement.

Then you have the late great Kobe Bryant, LeBron James, Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving. Then, to a lesser extent, players like Scottie Pippen, Penny Hardaway and Gary Payton. These athletes put Nike forward in terms of celebrity / athlete sponsorship and some of these shoes have revolutionized the shoe game.

Louis Summe and Daniel Fortin are editors.

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