Adidas Adilette 22 Slides Are Just As Good As Yeezy’s


You can never have too many pairs of slides, and Adidas knows it. After interest in its new Adilette 22 slides caused the first two pairs to sell out as quickly as they appeared, the Three Stripes are revealing a second set of colors for the 3D printed sandals.

It’s a beauty — While you could argue they’re akin to Yeezy’s, the slides are unique enough to stand on their own. The shoe’s aesthetic departs from Adidas’ existing line of slides, which tend to feature the brand’s traditional long-stripe branding, and opts for something more utilitarian and Yeezy-like. Instead of a sporty build and obvious Adidas logos, the exterior features a terrace-like tread pattern that makes for a weird, yet warm, statement shoe.

While early releases hit dark sage green and cream color schemes, upcoming pairs will appear in more neutral palettes. The first appears in a dark gray, paired with another option in light beige. Similar to the previous green and beige combo, the third slide in the collection swirls shades of black and beige for a marbled look.

According to Adidas, the slides are made with natural and renewable materials. On the slides’ original product page, which is no longer online, the brand said: “These adidas Adilette slides answer the question, ‘What would slides look like in space?’ 3D printed and inspired human expeditions to Mars, they defy gravity with futuristic design details.

A new era for comfortable footwear — Although the slides don’t literally float or defy gravity, they are lightweight. The exterior is sculpted with ridges to mimic the Mars landscape, and to finish the design, “LA MARQUE AUX TROIS BANDES” is printed near the heel. Thanks to Kanye West’s Yeezy imprint, Adidas seems to be in tune with the neutral/minimal vibe for its shoes. Perhaps he even took inspiration from Salehe Bembury’s hugely popular Pollex Crocs, playing with ridges and texture for his offering.

An official release of the Adilette 22 is set to hit Adidas’ website on June 23rd. Even though it’s technically the most expensive Adilette the brand has listed on its website, the $55 slides are still affordable if you can buy them at retail. Be aware that resale reaches $200 for some sizes, but the overall resale value is still balanced enough that you can copy (and wear) a pair with ease.


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