Adidas and Gucci team up to launch “Three Stripe” loafers that sell for a lot of money


Adidas is one of the biggest names in sportswear and Gucci is one of the biggest names in designer fashion, so a collaboration between the two would seem logical.

They’ve released a lot of merchandise including custom color Adidas Gazelles, tracksuits, bags, hats, and jewelry, with some items that look smart, but they’ll cost you a little!

So it’s safe to say for those with the money, the collaboration was a great success, with many products we would like to copy.

However, one item in the range that has people talking is the loafer they released. The leather shoe bears the Gucci branding with the typical Adidas three stripes.

Unfortunately, they look like your iconic Copa Mundial boots, but without laces and with a heel instead of studs. To complete the look, the Adidas Originals logo is in gold on the heel to really make them stand out as an Adidas x Gucci product.

They look great for after work outings, you’ll definitely have less to carry with you to the office, just watch out for the grip!

You can get the £785 loafers in black leather or gray suede, or why not both if you’re feeling low and elegant.

The product description details the loafer while selling it to potential customers saying, “Part of the adidas x Gucci collection, this loafer features a Gucci Trefoil metal insert. adidas and Gucci venture into a collection, where the Web is juxtaposed with the three white stripes, and the GG monogram is combined with trefoil.

“Drawing inspiration from the creative director’s memories of the 80s and 90s, the house’s iconic designs intertwine with those of historic sportswear brand adidas to create a series of hybrid looks.”

We don’t know what would be the perfect scenario to put on these bad boys, labor? The bar? Concert or casual Friday? We don’t think we’ll meet anyone wearing them anytime soon.

It’s not the first time we’ve seen designer brands branch out into sportswear, Balenciaga entered the field in 2020 when they launched £550 football boots.

Oddly enough, they looked like your basic boots on a “create a pro” on FIFA before unlocking the branded ones, they didn’t stand out at all with their simple design.

Italian womenswear brand Miu has released a futuristic take on football boots that were definitely not made for playing football!

Despite all the new fashion trends, you can’t beat a good old pair of Adidas Predator boots for the feeling of nostalgia as well as the smart color combination.

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