Adidas attacks Thom Browne for using stripes [UPDATED]



Thom Browne has become the final focal point in a lawsuit against Adidas over the use of stripes. Fashion law reports that the German sportswear company has filed a complaint for trademark infringement and dilution complaint Monday in federal court in New York, claiming that Thom Browne “sold athletic-style clothing and footwear with two, three or four parallel stripes in a way that is confusing with the three stripe brand of Adidas.”

In the case, Adidas said it was involved in a previous mediation process with Thom Browne that began in November 2020, but that this proceeding did not resolve the dispute.

Thom Browne is far from the only hotbed of such accusations. Adidas has a long history of litigation when it comes to its iconic stripes: in 2017, Bloomberg reported that Adidas had filed nearly 50 lawsuits to defend its striped brand. The company has been involved in legal battles with brands and retailers as diverse as J.Crew, Forever 21, FC Barcelona, ​​Skechers, Juicy Couture, Tesla, Marc Jacobs, Sears, Abercrombie, Ralph Lauren and Target, between others. (The fashion law compiled a full overview of the costumes.)

UPDATE, June 30, 3:47 p.m.: Thom Browne responded to the Adidas lawsuit, in a statement released to WWD. “We believe we are right and we are confident in the outcome of the matter because we have acted honorably throughout this time,” Thom Browne CEO Rodrigo Bazan told the publication. “[Adidas] consented for 12 years and now they are changing their minds. The court will not allow it. And consumers won’t either. It is an attempt to use the law illegally. “

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