adidas Basketball Candace Parker Collection Part II “Play Your Ace” Lands Exclusively At DSG – ARCH-USA


The collection aims to empower and elevate the future of women in sport. Part II features court-worthy footwear complemented by pre- and post-game apparel available in inclusive sizes.

Source: adidas Basketball Announces Part II of the Candace Parker “Play Your Ace” Collection

adidas Basketball has announced a partnership with Foot Locker. When they dropped this information, I wrote an article explaining why performance basketball wouldn’t work at Foot Locker:

adidas and Foot Locker’s ‘new’ long-term partnership becomes more strategic

I’ve been following adidas basketball at Foot Locker for years. There were never many products in this area, but the sneakers that were there didn’t sell very well. Indeed, Foot Locker allowed Nike to use them as a showroom. For years, Nike delivered the hottest sneakers, removing the need for more knowledgeable salespeople. A Foot Locker employee cannot tell you the function of a performance model, but they can tell you about the latest popular styles. It doesn’t help with basketball outings.

The fact that this collection for CP3 (the one with the rings) is a perfect alignment with Dick’s Sporting Goods. DSG handles the majority of basketball team sales and is usually the first place parents will go when considering outfitting hoops for their children. DSG also redesigned the stores to highlight the garments and give the collections a full visual merchandising setup. This allows visitors to see articles as they are meant to be seen. Foot Locker relies on a classic strategy of display merchandising folded and hung in small stores. Could the Candace collection work in a Power Store environment? Absolutely.


Until there are enough of these locations it’s a smart strategy to roll out the collection as the WNBA playoffs will start in August through September and Candace’s Chicago Sky is the number one team that seems to be ready to withdraw the back-to-back. Whether DSG and adidas understand where the consumer stands for this product remains to be seen. Dropping images on IG or TikTok will not move the needle. Both brands will need to capture parents or coaches. It’s a good partnership, but it will take some basic strategy to really connect the dots.

PS the Exhibit B sneaker is labeled as a signature shoe for Candace. There is no logo on the shoe for CP3. The template looks like an online template for team basketball. It won’t have street crossover appeal, but should work well as October rolls around and high school practices begin.



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