Adidas Goes Sci-Fi With Personality-Based Metaverse Avatars


Diving Brief:

  • Adidas Originals is launching what it says is the first personality-based AI-generated avatar creation platform with Ready Player Me, according to an announcement shared with Marketing Dive. Users can design an avatar through the online Ozworld experience and use it across all metaverse platforms, allowing them to explore virtual worlds with a consistent identity.
  • The Ozworld experience aims to uphold individual personalities rather than physical appearances, prompting users to answer a series of questions, after which the platform will create a unique digital avatar based on a user’s answers and blend into the aesthetic of the Ozworld footwear collection from Adidas Originals.
  • Marking the first brand partnership for Ready Player Me, Adidas Originals‘ new digital experience extends the reach of its Ozworld footwear line, which expanded in March, to bustling online platforms including the Metaverse.

Overview of the dive:

In the latest example of a consumer brand embracing the metaverse, Adidas Originals builds on the futuristic ethos previously introduced for its Ozworld collection with a new digital experience that allows consumers a deeper interaction with the brand, offering a more memorable than the single transaction. to buy a product.

Adidas Originals, a subdivision of the sportswear giant that houses collaborations with designers, celebrities and creators, expanded its Ozworld footwear collection in March to further promote self-expression and style experimentation. The futuristic shoe range was designed to mix modern styles with those of the 1990s, in an effort to bridge the gap between the past and the future, according to Adidas. In March, the brand partnered with digital creator Jon Emmony to develop an “otherworldly campaign” that evokes the collection’s central themes and sci-fi aesthetic.

By generating avatars based on a questionnaire – rather than the typical process of a user manually designing their virtual look – the new experience takes a unique approach that aligns with the self-expression and experimentation themes of style from the Ozworld shoe collection. Once their character is generated, users can play with their avatar animation and try on or virtually buy sneakers. Users can also upload their avatar to use as stickers on various social media platforms, which could potentially create additional buzz.

Adidas Originals’ partnership with Ready Player Me marks the first branding deal for the cross-app avatar platform. Users who generate their virtual character through the Ozworld experience can use the same character on 1,800 metaverse platforms, per Adidas. While reducing friction and saving users from having to create a separate avatar for each app or online experience, this cross-app functionality can also improve Adidas’ visibility across the many platforms that make up the metaverse.


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