Adidas launches X Speedportal boots with help from Rick and Morty


Adidas and rick and morty have teamed up to offer X SPEEDPORTAL soccer cleats. Rick and Morty are featured in a short 90 minute original animation as they experience the power of multidimensional speed with the new boots, as they are “designed to unlock speed in all dimensions”. The boots will be available on the Adidas website and at select retailers starting today.

Adidas has also used this latest edition of the X Speed ​​series to help end plastic waste. The X SPEEDPORTAL is the first in the series to have no virgin polyester, and half of the boot upper is made entirely from recycled materials. Looks like this new boot packs all the right punches in an eco-friendly way. X SPEEDPORTAL also comes in a portal fluid green science aesthetic, echoing the rick and morty animated series.


The boots are available in firm ground, soft ground and turf boot style options that suit different sports. Speed ​​is the main specification for this edition of the boot, as its outer Speed ​​Skin contains a laceless, lightweight upper for support, flexibility and overall comfort for direct contact with the ball. There’s a stability wing and a support cage that keep players’ feet locked in when moving quickly and changing direction.

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Senior Product Manager at Adidas, Franziska Aurnhammerspoke about the continued focus on speed for this entry in the Series X, stating:

With X SPEEDPORTAL, we listened to what some of the fastest players on the planet want from their shoes. It was clear that the mental element of speed was just as important as the physical, which is why it was so important to create a shoe that not only supports explosive movement, but also allows players to enter a state of flow where the movement is fast and autonomous. . The result is a shoe that unleashes multidimensional speed for the fastest players on the planet.

For those who don’t know the collaborator of Adidas, American science fiction show for adults rick and morty was born from the spirit of Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon. The show follows Rick Sanchez, a mad scientist with a flying car and a drinking problem, and his grandson Morty Smith, a 14-year-old just trying to survive every adventure, as they jump through portals and travel to different possible realities where the Smith family takes on new characteristics depending on the dimension. Dangers, chaos and tragedy ensue as they wreak havoc wherever they go.

The self-aware announcement begins with Rick waking up Morty to become a star soccer or football athlete. Due to some science shenanigans best left undone, Morty dons the X SPEEDPORTAL shoes imbued with the power and skill of Mo Salah and Vivianne Miedema and win a mock football game by winning the cup. Alas, Morty’s dreams of football, or soccer, of stardom are dashed when Rick has to teleport the shoes to who knows where so as not to disrupt their dynamics.

Adult Swimming Chair, Michel Ouwleleenalso released a statement about the short animation and the beloved show’s involvement with Adidas, saying:

This 90-second short is as funny as anything Rick and Morty is and as fast as anything Rick has had to put in this boot. It’s a collaboration that can only happen in a multiverse, and Rick, Morty, Mo Salah and Vivianne Miedema are the (fever) dream team you didn’t know you had to see.

Needless to say, X SPEEDPORTAL is a welcome addition to the X-series. Adidas launched the X-series in 2020 with the X GHOSTED boot which featured updated speedframe technology with a sole designed for unreal acceleration. The series is an eco-friendly attempt to improve athlete performance, so it’s always exciting to see what Adidas will add next to the lineup.

Boots are available now via the adidas website and some retailers. The hilarious promo animation can be seen in the video below:


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