adidas Originals and Prada Announce Open, User-Generated NFT Project, First of Its Kind


The two brands unveil the adidas for Prada resource project in collaboration with digital artist Zach Lieberman

Prevenue from NFT sales will be donated to charity and allocated to the artist and community creators

adidas Originals and Prada, two international brands renowned for their resolutely progressive approach to innovation and originality, bring their third collaboration – the adidas for the Prada Re-Nylon collection – boldly into the metaverse.

Presentation adidas for Prada resource – an ambitious, one-of-a-kind NFT collaboration that will feature user-generated, creator-owned artwork. The project is intended to bring together participants from fashion, design and crypto to co-create a large-scale digital artwork inspired by the physical Re-Nylon collection.

adidas and Prada will invite their collective audiences to contribute unique anonymized photographs to the open-Metaverse NFT project. 3,000 artworks from the community will be minted as NFTs and compiled as tiles into a single mass patchwork NFT designed by renowned creative coder and digital artist, Zach Lieberman. A truly collaborative effort – participation in the adidas for Prada resource The NFT Project is completely free and contributors will retain all ownership rights to their individual NFT tiles.

adidas and Prada will auction Lieberman’s latest NFT on SuperRare, a pioneering marketplace for curated NFT artwork. The majority of auction proceeds are donated to Slow Factory, a non-profit organization and institute working to create education to generate meaningful solutions and inclusive communities.

As a tribute to open innovation, adidas Originals and Prada will leverage NFTs and Web3 technology to reward participation in a new kind of collective rooted in ownership, authenticity and community. adidas and Prada collaborated with Polygon Studios to build the project on the Polygon network.

Relentlessly innovative; undeniably communal. the adidas for Prada resource project confidently marks the two brands’ latest collaborative journey into the metaverse.


Participation in the adidas for Prada resource project

Starting January 24, anyone can register with a digital wallet for a chance to create and mint a pseudonymous NFT that will be featured in the adidas for Prada resource project. At this stage, users will be invited to submit a photograph, using a filter designed by digital artist Zach Lieberman, to create their own individual creative contribution.

After this waitlist period, 3,000 backers will be randomly selected to participate in the drop, including 1,000 spots reserved for adidas Originals holders In the metaverse NFT, and another 500 reserved for users who attempted to strike In the metaverse in public sale but failed.

From January 26-27, those selected will be able to return to the website and mint their photographic contribution as NFT, free of charge. Contributions from all co-creators will be featured as individual tiles in a community digital artwork created by Lieberman.

At auction and up close

Lieberman’s climactic mosaic will be hit as the final NFT in the adidas for Prada resource project and will be sold as a single NFT at an auction on the SuperRare Digital Art Market from January 28-31. adidas for Prada re-source by Zach Lieberman will be showcased as a large-scale digital art installation at select Prada and adidas flagship stores around the world, bringing the compelling imagery of the digital campaign to life.

Creator-owned and community-minded

Recognizing the fundamental role of creators, the 3,000 contributors featured in the final NFT draft will own all intellectual property rights to their individual NFTs and will have the ability to sell their NFTs in the secondary market. Additionally, owners of each individual NFT will receive a percentage of the adidas auction for the Prada resource by Zach Lieberman with each sale, in perpetuity. This new shared ownership structure, enabled by Web3 technology, represents a cultural shift towards creator rights that is central to the crypto arts movement.

Built on open-Metaverse technology

adidas for Prada resource individual tiles are built on Polygon, an Ethereum-enabled network optimized for energy efficiency and low fees. Leveraging open source Web3 technology, adidas and Prada have created a personalized, user-friendly destination for anyone to contribute artwork, receive NFTs, and benefit from collective ownership.

In the metaverse

the adidas for Prada resource project follows the success of In the metaverse – adidas Original’s first NFT project launched in December 2021 and issued 30,000 NFTs to over 21,000 buyers in collaboration with gmoney, PUNKS Comic and Bored Ape Yacht Club. adidas Originals and Prada are set to build on this momentum to further explore how brands can transcend the physical world to find new resonance in virtual spaces.

For more information, please visit, and connect with the community on the adidas: Prada, resource Discord.


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