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Welcome to our guide to “Far Cry 6: How to Complete the Tourist Trap Quest?”. Our guide walks you through the Tourist Trap quest, which is one of the most important tasks in the area. The tour will show you how to disable the first jammer, break into McKay’s global offices, and then hack into McKay’s computers.

How do I disable McKay’s jammers?

After completing The Lion’s Roar mission, speak to Yelena inside the Patriotas Peak camp to begin this quest. You need to go to one of the game’s designated Wi-Fi jammers, which are in the La Joya sub-region at Cape Mirador. You’ll get pictures of the jammers on your phone, but you shouldn’t have any trouble finding the first one. At least one soldier must be stationed near the jammer, then climb to the upper balconies. You must engage with a red box in order to disable the jammer. This will start the “Unjammin’ It Yaran” story, which will ask you to locate and sabotage ten other disruptors in the area.

How to hack McKay’s computers?

McKay’s office within McKay Global Offices is your next stop. Because this place is guarded by adversaries, you must defeat at least a few of them in order to investigate in peace. You can, for example, use the climbing equipment to reach the roof of the office building, from which you can easily scout the area and eliminate some of the opponents, as well as protect the floors starting with the top one. Two computers are to be hacked, and they are located in two server rooms on opposite floors of this same building. Every time you engage with the computer, you start the hacking process. You need to wait for its progress bar to reach 100%, but you shouldn’t be stopped if you’ve already defeated all the opponents inside the building.

How to access the server room?

Head to the clearly marked council chamber door. You won’t meet McKay, but a cutscene will start showing you video chatting with him. After the conversation, the mission is complete, but now you need to focus on getting out of the building and avoiding McKay’s ambush. As soon as you can, aim for the door the opponents are going through, then exit the building through the exit you want and move away from it to escape your pursuit.

So, that was our “Far Cry 6: How to complete the tourist trap quest?” guide. Feel free to leave a comment below!


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