Balenciaga is the hottest brand on the planet



Each quarter, Lyst’s hard workers examine data from their 150 million annual customers to create the definitive Lyst Index. The third quarter results were released this week, which produced some surprising results, showing that Nike, Gucci and Prada have slipped in the rankings. They were overtaken by a new number one brand, which is officially the hottest brand in the world right now: Balenciaga.

The Lyst Index is pulled together using their own data and Google search data, along with a range of metrics that look at mentions and social media engagement, creating a three-month snapshot of sentiment on the global fashion landscape. It’s this process that chose Balenciaga as the winner, with the Parisian label maintaining a strong presence in the headlines lately, with a few key moments that have built and sustained the hype around the brand.

After the Met Gala, where Rihanna and Kim Kardashian were both dressed in Balenciaga (for which Kim has become the source of countless memes), the brand’s search volume soared 505% after the event. This quarter was also the first time that Balenciaga produced a high fashion offering in 53 years, winning fans in the upper echelons of fashion commentary.

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Other reasons for Balenciaga’s multitude of good news stories include working with Kanye West on the launch of his latest album. Donda, with a jacket inspired by an ancient Russian bear fighting costume. But Balenciaga’s success hasn’t been limited to the physical world, with the brand taking a trip to the metaverse with a range of digital clothing for the game. Fortnite.

As if that weren’t enough, Balenciaga appealed to The simpsons to open their Paris Fashion Week show, dressing members of the Simpsons family in Balenciaga clothing. The length and breadth of Balenciaga’s collaborative power has been unprecedented in recent times, seeing the French fashion house drop from No. 6 in the second quarter of this year.

The Lyst Index also ranked the most popular individual products for the third quarter. Split into products for men and women, the hottest items for women included a Prada raffia tote bag, Versace Medusa Aevitas platform pumps, and Bottega Veneta terrycloth slides. In contrast, the most popular products for men also focused on footwear, including Adidas YEEZY foam running shoes, Oakley Radar® EV Path® sunglasses, and Prada Cloudbust Thunder sneakers.

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