Coupang organizes a special “Black Friday” event



Coupang will organize a special “Black Friday” event.

To celebrate the world shopping festival “Black Friday”, Coupang will organize a special event to offer global products and brands with the biggest benefits of the year until November 28th.

This year’s special Black Friday event will be held for Coupang’s Rocket Jikgu and directly imported Rocket Delivery products, and it attracts attention as a large number of popular global brands on Coupang are participating. In particular, various discount benefits will be available as well as daily “time sale” events.

Popular electronic / digital product brands such as Samsung, LG, Dyson, Xiaomi, Bose, Logitec, Cuisinart, Philips, etc., as well as global fashion brands such as Nike, Adidas, MLB and Sketchers will be part of the event. In addition, P&G, an American company that offers a myriad of essentials, and Lego, the popular brand for direct overseas purchases, etc., will participate in the event.

For Wow members, Coupang will offer popular items as bundles in nutritional supplements, food, kitchenware, fashion etc., category and popular brand products at discounted prices. The categories and brands offered at low cost will change daily during the event period, which Wow members can view through “Today’s Category” and “Today’s Brand”.

In particular, for Wow members, even a single item will be delivered for free and up to 40% discount will be offered on top of that for digital home products. In addition, all members will receive a maximum of 20,000 vouchers for all Rocket Jikgu products and up to 30% off will be applied to all TV products from Samsung and LG.

During the period of the special Black Friday event, Coupang will also hold a “one-day only exceptional sale price” to offer products at low prices. In addition to this, during the event period, a “Time Sale for Limited Inventory” will take place four times a day at 7:00 am-11:00am, 11:00 am-3:00pm, 3:00 pm-7:00pm and 7:00 pm-11:00pm.

A Coupang official said, “Black Friday started as an American culture, evolved into a global shopping festival, and we have prepared this special event with great benefits for Coupang customers to enjoy,” adding : “We hope you will get good business. at discounted prices for Rocket Jikgu products and products you have observed until popular global brands participate. Coupang will continue to organize various events for customers in the future. “



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