Elizabeth Holmes’ stepfather sneaked in to dupe media at Theranos trial


Theranos CEO stepfather Elizabeth Holmes went incognito as a “concerned citizen” and chatted to the media during jury selection at her federal trial, according to an NPR report. Tuesday, technical reporter Bobby allyn revealed this plot, which seems appropriate for a Silicon Valley startup that allegedly operated in secrecy, deception and surveillance of its own employees. According to Allyn, San Diego hotel baron Bill Evans, father of Holmes’ husband Billy, entered the California courthouse wearing a baseball cap and down jacket and introduced himself as “Hanson.” . The mysterious man told reporters he was “fixing[ed] old cars for a living ”and was there as a media watchdog. When asked if he knew Holmes, the man reportedly replied, “Do I know her? Does anyone know her? What does it even mean to know someone these days? He added, “No journalist has ever told the real story about him.”

But when opening arguments began a week later, reporters spotted “Hanson” among those close to Holmes escorting into the building. This time the man was wearing a suit. “He claimed to be called ‘Hanson’, but he had a different name on his Starbucks mug,” noted a CNN reporter, adding that he was wearing expensive Italian moccasins. When Allyn then contacted the 61-year-old for comment, he said: “People have nicknames and you can be free to use them. With that, I’ll say goodbye. Holmes is accused of defrauding people. investors and patients in connection with Theranos’ blood analysis devices, which she says could perform dozens of tests with a simple finger prick.

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