FIFA 22 Adidas 99 Numbers Up Promo: How To Complete The SBC Three Stripes


The FIFA 22 Adidas 99 Numbers Up promo was released in FIFA 22 on Friday, November 12, 2021, and several one-off SBC tasks have also been added to the game.

One of the latest SBCs to be added is The Three Stripes SBC, which is the first task as part of the Adidas 99 promo.

Here’s everything you need to know about the SBC The Three Stripes task and what you need to do to complete it.

SBC tasks are a good way to get rid of the untradeable fodder on your team, as many of the cards you get as part of standard pack openings will never be really useful for playing the game itself.

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The Three Stripes SBC FIFA 22

Here are the requirements for The Three Stripes SBC on FIFA 22 as part of the Adidas 99 promo:

  • Leagues: 4 maximum
  • Same nation count: Min 4
  • Same number of clubs: 2 maximum
  • Rare: Min 9
  • Team rating: Min 80
  • Team chemistry: Min 95
  • Number of players in the team: 11

Players can expect to spend around 9,000 coins if they have to complete the SBC from scratch.
If you already have a decent amount of forage, you might be able to get through this SBC fairly quickly.

Note that this SBC is not repeatable, so players will only be able to complete this SBC task once and will only get one reward.

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Is the SBC Three Stripes worth it?

The reward for completing The Three Stripes SBC is a Jumbo Premium Gold Players Pack, so it’s absolutely worth competing for 9,000 coins from scratch.

If you already have a decent amount of feed cards, this is an even better deal, and good for new players and veterans who want to get rid of some of the less important cards on their roster.

There will likely be a few more single-task SBCs added for the Adidas 99 promo over the next few weeks and months, although these have yet to be officially disclosed or revealed.

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