FIFA 22: Leaker reveals Joao Felix’s crazy promo card will be released


FIFA 22 have released an abundance of special and promotional cards in the highly successful Ultimate Team game mode and a leaker has revealed that an incredible Joao Felix card appears to be on the way.

We’ll get another promotion this year as the developers at EA Sports look to bring us more content than ever before. This promo is linked to Adidas.

FIFA players love these promotions as they will see some of their favorite footballers get huge upgrades, and some will go from unplayable to finally playable as they become good cards.

This Joao Felix card could become one of the most powerful in the game, as the primary stat that will get an upgrade matches the FIFA meta.

Leaked Joao Felix promotional card

This latest Adidas promo will see the cards release next month, and it’s a great promo as the cards they choose will all have a stat that is upgraded to 99.

We already know that Giovanni Reyna will get one of these special cards, and now a reliable leaker. Donk Trading told us that Joao Felix will be next.

The Adidas promo card that Joao Felix will get will certainly be foolish to use as the leaker Donk Trading has revealed that the stat that will be upgraded is 99.

Rhythm is one of the most important stats in the game, especially in Ultimate Team, and you always want your attackers to have plenty of rhythm to strike back quickly.

The Portuguese player of Atletico Madrid is considered a future star and is already producing world-class performances in the Champions League and La Liga at the age of 21.

He’s already ranked 83 on FIFA 22 Ultimate Team, and for those who love Career Mode, he’s definitely a player to sign as the forward’s potential is 91.

This card will be a card that a large portion of the gaming community will want to use, and for this reason, it could cost hundreds of thousands of coins to acquire on the transfer market. For this reason, the players hope to get lucky and pack Joao Felix.

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Enter the October contest to win an Xbox Series S

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