Floyd Ray Roseberry, Charged with Bomb Threat on Capitol Hill, found fit to stand trial, pleads not guilty


Floyd Roseberry, the man who claimed he had a bomb in his truck while parked near Capitol Hill last month, has been ruled fit to stand trial. When Roseberry, 49, was asked by the judge how he was doing, he replied that “I feel good” given the circumstances and the gravity of the case. Roseberry was arrested on August 19 after driving on a sidewalk outside the Library of Congress and starting live streaming his grievances against President Joe Biden and other Democrats. He claimed to have a bomb with him, although officers said they found no usable weapons in the truck after a tense standoff of several hours.

Nonetheless, the threat prompted an evacuation of the Capitol, which is still reeling from the January 6 riot. Roseberry, relatives say, has a history of mental health issues and violent behavior. He was diagnosed with bipolar disorder after his arrest and was first given the wrong medication, a problem later corrected by a court-appointed psychologist, who recommended jurisdiction. Roseberry has pleaded not guilty to the charges of threatening to use a weapon of mass destruction and of making a fake threat of explosives on the Internet. He faces life imprisonment if convicted.

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