Former Oklahoma Police Officers Joshua Taylor and Brandon Dingman Convicted of Taser Use and Murder of Jared Lakey


Two former Oklahoma police officers were convicted of second degree murder after using their Taser on an unarmed man more than 50 times in 2019. The man, Jared Lakey, became unconscious shortly thereafter and died two days later. Court documents called the officers’ use of stun guns a “significant factor” in the 28-year-old’s death and prosecutors said officers deployed them in “dangerous and unnecessary” ways. A jury also found Brandon Dingman, 35, and Joshua Taylor, 27, guilty of bodily harm with a dangerous weapon and recommended 10 years in prison for the two men. They are expected to be sentenced early next month.

Medical providers told Lakey’s parents that he had died of multiple heart attacks, according to a complaint filed by the family. The Oklahoma district attorney said Monday officers have been trained to limit Taser exposure to less than 15 seconds. Dingman and Taylor, he said, had fired their stun guns for a total of 3 minutes and 14 seconds. Shannon McMurray, attorney for Dingman, called the incident “just a tragedy for everyone”. On Monday, she said her client plans to appeal her conviction. “In my opinion,” she said, “they acted within the framework of the policy. “

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