Former Royal Mail employee pleads for theft of 23 packages from Parcelforce Worldwide’s Gloucester depot



A former Royal Mail employee has pleaded guilty to stealing 23 packages containing sportswear from the Parcel Force depot in Gloucester and will be sentenced next month.

Alan Orzechowski, 26, a Polish national, of Clement Street, Gloucester, was warned by the president of the Cheltenham court on Wednesday (September 29) that he faces a prison sentence due to the public’s breach of trust in the postal system.

Attorney Jeremy Oliver said: “Orzechowski worked for Parcel Force as a loader, having started his job with the company on March 2 of this year. On August 18, his manager saw him act suspiciously.

“She saw him fiddling with his backpack in the loading dock in contravention of the company rule prohibiting staff from owning their own property in this area to prevent theft.

“The manager seized Orzechowski’s bag and found three pairs of new Adidas sneakers inside. He admitted to stealing these items. Police were called and his home was searched.

“19 other items were located and seized. In his first interview, Orzechowski admitted the theft of the sneakers from his backpack, but said the other sportswear found on his property were his own, having purchased them but he could not provide receipts for them.

Police also grabbed his phone and downloaded the messages and had them translated, which revealed that Orzechowski was indeed stealing items to order and selling them for a profit.

“Orzechowski offered sportswear for sale to his family and friends. He also said he could only get certain brands depending on the bay he worked in on a given day.

“Some conversations reveal that he almost got caught stealing the items.

“In a second interview, Orzechowski admitted that the 19 items were also stolen from his workplace. It was a breach of trust. These items were branded products that sell for a price high detail.

“Mail theft is taken very seriously by the courts. Case law suggests that in general postal workers who abuse trust by stealing items from the postal system should be punished with a custodial sentence.

Stolen items recovered from Orzechowski’s home included a gray Adidas jacket, three pairs of navy Reebox leggings, four pairs of black Adidas shorts, a white Adidas jacket, a pair of black Adidas joggers, a black Adidas swimsuit, a pink Adidas hoodie and an Adidas swimsuit, a black Adidas cropped sweatshirt, a pair of lime green Tommy Hillfiger shorts, a Reebok swimsuit, black Calvin Klein shorts, a pair of Adidas sneakers, two sports bras specialized sports and a pair of Adidas leggings.

Vanessa Pople, in defense, explained that Orzechowski was having financial problems trying to support his family and added, “The stolen items were primarily for him and his extended family members and not for general resale.”

Orzechowski pleaded guilty to employee theft on August 18, 2020 by stealing two pairs of adult Adidas sneakers two pairs of children’s Adidas sneakers, a Calvin Klein bra, all belonging to the Royal Mail group. He also admitted that between March 2, 2020 and August 19, 2020, he stole 19 sportswear, including designer jackets, swimwear, sneakers and sweatshirts, all of which belonged to the Royal Mail group. .

Presiding Judge Kathryn Bailey told Orzechowski: “A pre-sentence report is required before we can pass judgment on this matter. We are aware that this is a breach of trust on the part of an employee and that is about the public’s perception of trusting the postal system.

“We are not ruling out a custodial sentence so we will have to adjourn this hearing for a report to be made on you.”

Orzechowski was released on unconditional bail to appear in court on November 10.



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