From Video Games To Toys, These Retro Gifts Are Simply Rad


Objects from our childhood can look like tiny time portals that take us back to happy memories and simpler times when big decisions were limited to which of the two cartoons currently on TV was worth watching in. this moment. Retro gifts, from toys to video games and clothing, can help us relive the magic of yesterday while introducing these pop culture classics to a new generation. Does your little cousin know the masterpiece of the film which is Blood sport? It’s time for some education.

We’ve put together a list of some of our favorite retro gifts that have been on our must-have list for decades. Great for giving and receiving (yes, you can certainly treat yourself to one of those retro pieces), retro toys and technology are still making a comeback, without lacking in affinities for decades. Some even have useful updates that celebrate nostalgia for our glory days while adding the convenience of today (all Bluetooth, please).

Whether you are looking for a Christmas present for the person who seems to have it all or just want to treat yourself, because you definitely deserve it, these retro gifts are sure to please kids and children at heart.

1. LEGO Adidas Originals Superstar Building Kit

Pay homage to shoes that haven’t gone out of style since the 1980s with the new LEGO set that lets you create your own pair of shell toes. This retro gift even comes with an Adidas shoebox for the ultimate sneaker display, but you’ll need to provide your own cardboard floor if you want to show off your breakdancing skills.

LEGO Adidas Originals Superstar Building Kit

LEGO Adidas Originals Superstar Building Kit

Buy: LEGO Adidas Originals Superstar Building Kit $ 79.99

2. Polaroid Originals OneStep +

Of course, you can take photos on your phone, but if you’re like us and miss the feel of a real camera, the Polaroid Originals OneStep + is a great option. You still get the thrill of a printed physical image instantly, but now the classically designed camera also has a Bluetooth connected app. Nice bro.

Polaroid Originals OneStep +

Polaroid Originals OneStep +

Buy: Polaroid Originals OneStep + $ 114.98

3. Tamagotchi Original

Relive the stress of counting the minutes until recess when you can finally run outside and check on your baby Tamagotchi’s condition with an ode to the original pocket child. This retro ’90s giveaway is back with the original lineup. Unfortunately, recess is always reserved for adults.

Tamagotchi Original

Tamagotchi Original

Buy: Tamagotchi Original $ 19.99

4. Cabbage Patch Kids 14 ″ Skateboard Boy

Cabbage Patch Kids are always in high demand and always come out with more adorable babies to care for and collect. The new series has some updated tweaks (yes, it’s a Mohawk on the skater boy) while also including some original features, like official birth certificates and adoption papers. And yes, the scent of baby powder is still there and it’s just as heartwarming as it was in the 80s.

Cabbage Patch Kids 14

Cabbage Patch Kids 14 “Boy’s Skateboard

Buy: Cabbage Patch Kids 14 $ 29.99

5. 14 ″ Teddy Bear – Bear set

Just like Cabbage Patch Kids, Care Bears are always very fashionable and deliver their eyes to the hearts of children all over the world. The bears have undergone a slight makeover and the Bear Ensemble has a unique design, without two identical bears. Well, that’s pretty cute.

Care bears 14

14 “Care Bears Plush – Bear Set

Buy: Care Bears 14 $ 12.88

6. The successful board game

That’s right, Blockbuster is now retro. While we don’t get a chance to relive the excitement of stepping into a Blockbuster video on Friday or Saturday night and spending too much time chatting with friends about which video to rent or praying for you to have arrived. in time to catch one of the new releases, but you can relive some of the glory of years gone by with the Blockbuster Party Game. Remember to be nice and go back.

The successful board game

The successful board game

Buy: The Blockbuster Party Game $ 21.99

7. Goosebumps 25th Anniversary Retro Set

A great retro gift for Goosebumps collectors or young readers who haven’t yet experienced the truly terrifying effects of the written word, the 25th Anniversary set includes five RL Stine bestsellers in a lunchbox style case. . Reader beware, you will scare yourself (retro but still terrifying).

25th Anniversary Goosebumps retro set

25th Anniversary Goosebumps retro set

Buy: Goosebumps 25th Anniversary Retro Set $ ​​29.99

8. Frigidaire 6-Can Mini Retro Beverage Fridge

For a retro item that will quickly become an everyday item you use, we love the Frigidaire 6-Can Mini Retro Beverage Fridge. Frigidaire offers several retro-style mini-fridges in a variety of colors and they’re the perfect size to keep in your office, bedroom, or wherever you need space for your unexpired drinks (it doesn’t all have to be retro) .

Frigidaire 6-Can Retro Mini Beverage Refrigerator

Frigidaire 6-Can Retro Mini Beverage Refrigerator

Buy: Frigidaire Retro Mini Beverage Fridge $ 39.99

9. Bloodsport Tribute Long Sleeve T-Shirt

Honor your shidoshi with the Bloodsport Tribute Long Sleeve Tee. You might not be able to do the splits on two chairs or fight with chalk dust in your eyes, but at least you will look like you can represent the Tanaka clan.

Bloodsport tribute t-shirt

Bloodsport tribute t-shirt

Buy: Bloodsport Tribute Long Sleeve T-Shirt $ 47.00

10. Nintendo NES Classic Edition entertainment system

Video games have come a long way since the 1980s, but there is something about the original Nintendo NES that cannot be duplicated. The original 8-bit gaming system is back and comes with 30 classic games including Donkey Kong and Super Mario Bros. Clear your schedule, it’s time to find cheat codes.

Nintendo Entertainment System NES Classic Edition

Nintendo Entertainment System NES Classic Edition

Buy: Nintendo NES Classic Edition Entertainment System $ 182.99

11. Stoneware dinner trays

Feel like a hungry man (or woman) with a stoneware dinner tray that will take you back to a time when you had to rush into the kitchen for a few seconds during commercial breaks. You see, commercials are those things that we had to deal with….

Stoneware TV trays

Stoneware TV trays

Buy: Stoneware TV table tops $ 24.00

12. Create your own reel viewer

Reel Viewers were a bedroom staple in the 1980s and 1990s and now they can be enjoyed with a personal touch. This retro gift can be personalized with your own photos in the reels. This sound is your 8 year old mind blown away.

Create your own reel viewer

Create your own reel viewer

Buy: Build Your Own Reel Viewer $ 29.95

13. Koss X Retrospekt P / 21 retro orange foam on-ear headphones

Enjoy the music as it’s meant to be heard. At least, in the way it was meant to be understood many years ago. The Koss X Retrospekt P / 21 Retro Orange Foam In-Ear Headphones may not have the sleek or noise-canceling features of today’s headphones, but they still look super cool.

Koss X Retrospekt P / 21 Retro Orange foam on-ear headphones

Koss X Retrospekt P / 21 Retro Orange foam on-ear headphones

Buy: Koss X Retrospekt P / 21 Retro Orange on-ear headphones $ 39.00

14. The Jimi Hendrix t-shirt

In 1987, Rolling Stone commemorated its 20th anniversary with a cover featuring the late Jimi Hendrix. Now you can commemorate their commemoration (stay with us) with a t-shirt featuring the iconic image of Hendrix lighting his Fender on fire in 1967.

Editor’s Note: Rolling Stone is a sister site to SPY, as both are owned by the same parent company, Penske Media Corporation.

Jimi Hendrix Cover T-shirt

Jimi Hendrix Cover T-shirt

Buy: The Jimi Hendrix T-shirt $ 40.00

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