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Despite my horrible diet and sleep schedule, one of the greatest hobbies of my life is fitness. I’ve been training pretty regularly since I started wrestling in 6th grade. I switched from that to more traditional lifting in the gym once I hit college, and the habit has stuck with me ever since. As a result, I tested and tried more different fitness shoes, sweat-wicking shorts, pants, supplements, and everything else under the sun to amp up my fitness game.

With fitness equipment, and especially supplements, not every option that works for me will work for you. However, if you’re looking for a list of the items you’ll need to start focusing seriously on fitness, or if you’re just looking for new alternatives to the items you’re currently using, check out the list below to see everything. I keep with me in my gym bag.

For a very long time, I wore Adidas Boost running shoes. This recently changed after trying Allbirds Tree Flyers. The Tree Flyers are hands down the lightest running shoes I have ever worn. Along with being lightweight, the open weave upper allows for maximum breathability and comfort so I never sweat in my shoes in hot weather. Additionally, the Tree Flyers are some of the most durable running shoes on the market.

Bamboo Ave Limitless Shorts.

It may sound absolutely ridiculous, but the Bamboo Ave. Boundless are the most comfortable shorts I have ever worn in my life. The shorts are made from recycled plastic bottles and coconut shells to promote sustainability, and are naturally odor resistant thanks to coconut shells. The inner lining hugs my legs gently and the shorts themselves are stylish enough to wear as part of a casual outfit.

While not as comfortable as the Boundless Shorts, the Ten Thousand Set Shorts make up for it in pure performance and durability. The shorts stretch and move with me as I exercise, while the lightweight fabric keeps me cool and comfortable in the heat. The shorts are also 100% amphibious, so I could easily wear them to the beach in briefs or take a dip in the pool without changing. The shorts are also chlorine and salt water resistant so they won’t get damaged in any way.

Smartwool Run Targeted Cushion Mid-Calf Socks

I’ve tried dozens of different socks from almost every major sportswear brand, but the Smartwool Run Targeted Cushion Mid Crew Socks are the ones I always come back to. Made from merino wool, the socks are naturally odor resistant and the Smartwool construction ensures they will withstand long term wear and tear without falling apart. Plus, the socks are lightweight and breathable despite the Target cushioning (which is a lifesaver for your feet). The socks also come in creative designs which is a fun bonus for any workout outfit you choose to wear.

If you’re looking for joggers instead of shorts, you’d be hard-pressed to find ones that do the job as well and are as comfortable as the Lululemon In Mind pants. The pants are designed with yoga in mind so they have enough room for you to really move while tapering to your leg. In addition, the pants are so breathable and comfortable that I can wear them during the summer without getting too hot. At the same time, the pants have proven themselves for years. I’ve had the same pair without needing to replace them for nearly 3 years now with no signs of damage.

Under Armor Armor Print Short Sleeve

If you’ve read any of my other clothes articles, you’ll know I’m quite a sweaty person. In the heat, even in the cold, my body finds a way to sweat. As a result, the Under Armor ArmourPrint Short Sleeve is perfect for me. Constantly wicking sweat while drying incredibly quickly, I don’t have to worry about my shirts soaking during a particularly intense workout. The shirt is also lightweight and breathable for easy comfort. You can also get the shirt in five different colors if you want to get several and change them throughout the week.

Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100% Whey Protein Powder

There are so many different protein powders on the market, and I’ve tried lots of different options. Just as the name suggests, Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard 100% Whey Protein Powder is actually the gold standard. From a personal perspective, so many protein powders end up tasting chalky or too chunky, but Gold Standard has remained tasty enough to drink despite having had one almost every day for six years now. There is nothing remarkable about the powder other than the protein and BCAA quality, and the taste. But when it comes to supplements, there is no need to add special bells and whistles.

C4 Original Pre-Workout Powder

If you’re looking to get a pre-workout powder, the most reliable powder I’ve tried is C4 Original Pre-Workout Powder. There are tons of options available that all promise amazing results, but most of the time all I’m looking for is a solid jolt to kick me back up after a long day at work. C4 accomplishes this with relative ease. There are tons of different flavors, all quite sweet and weird, but if I had to pick one, Cherry Limeade or Fruit Punch are probably the best over a longer period of time.

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