Here are the best sustainable luxury brands you need to know


With sustainability being the need of the hour, many luxury brands continually prove that high-end fashion can also be ethical. With innovative ideas, new dimensions to reuse vintage clothing, produce zero waste and adopt clean and natural production methods for a responsible fashion future, designers work hard to make products interesting and desirable while being respectful of the environment. ‘environment.

In recent years, this is also what consumers are looking for. Eco-friendly choices have seen positive growth when it comes to fashion indulgences. Sustainable practices such as the use of recycled materials – such as organic cotton and vegan leather, a cruelty-free manufacturing process and low water consumption technology – are adopted by major players around the world.

Revamping vintage clothing, repairing old weaves, or making a conscious decision to only shop at stores with ethical practices can indeed go a long way in giving back to the planet. Plus, being receptive to nature and caring about the earth doesn’t mean basic, drab clothes. Sustainable fashion and glamorous clothing can go hand in hand. For example, brands like Gucci, Stella McCartney, Tommy Hilfiger and Bottega Veneta.

These labels strive to up their game by minimizing their carbon footprint and becoming eco-friendly by using renewable energy sources, as well as embracing a transparent supply chain and environmentally friendly manufacturing process. Workforce. As changing trends give rise to fast fashion, luxury clothing and accessory brands are thinking differently to give so-called “slow fashion” a glamorous look.

All of these, together with the design expertise and craftsmanship that define each of these luxury fashion brands, make the sustainable fashion industry not only a booming business, but also a whole new one. made in tandem with the latest trends and style mantras.

If you’re looking to make the switch and deliver sustainable luxury products, here are some of the luxury fashion houses you need to check out.

Here’s a list of sustainable luxury brands going the eco-friendly route

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