Here’s every time Kanye West wore Nike after signing with adidas


Kanye West is an enigma, the mystery (and drama) of which extends to his relationship with Nike.

Everyone knows his time at Nike, which gave birth to two of its most iconic and sought-after sneakers: the Nike Air Yeezy 1 and the Air Yeezy 2. The latter’s release in Red October plunged the world of sneakers in ecstasy and chaos when she has warning on Twitter. The drop came when Ye’s relationship with Nike was already strained and, after several years of success with the Oregon-based brand, Kanye left the Swoosh for the Three Stripes in 2014.

What followed was a pretty one-sided beef, with Kanye often taking pictures of Nike in the press, through his music, and through his new adidas YEEZY releases. This well-documented beef has apparently come to an end in recent years, because “you’ve been seen wearing Nike products more frequently. This would have been unthinkable from 2014 to 2017, when it seemed like Kanye’s sole mission was to make YEEZY’s partnership with adidas more important than anything he had ever done with Nike.

In a series of Tweets last year, Kanye appeared to finally bury the hatchet, boldly proclaiming he would wear Jordans until he was a member of the Adidas board. He also tweeted: “The Jordanians must be part of the reparations. You can’t tell a black person not to wear a Jordan. It should be in any agreement. And also, you can wear your friend’s clothes.

After seeing Kanye in a pair of COMME des GARÇONS HOMME PLUS x Nike Air Foamposite this week, we’ve decided to pull together every time Kanye West wears Nike after signing with adidas. Not only is it sacrilegious for normal employees of both brands to wear products made by their fiercest rivals, given Kanye’s history with Nike, it’s a borderline shock whenever we see him lacing a pair of Swoosh shoes.

Every time Kanye wore Nike after signing with adidas

Nike Air Max 720

In 2019, “Ye was spotted at Thanksgiving wearing the Nike ISPA Air Max 720. It was the first time Kanye had worn a pair of Nike since leaving the brand several years ago. Kanye is said to have gone shopping with his nephew, Mason, when he tried on a pair of shoes in a store, we don’t know if he ended up buying them or if he was simply won over by the insanely futuristic design of the sneaker.

Nike ISPA Road Warrior

Last year, Kanye West tweeted his appreciation for Nike’s recent ISPA Road Warrior. West posted the same sneaker photo twice, writing that the sneakers “take me back to my childhood,” that he needs a pair, and telling Nike to keep innovating because “the world needs them. “. It was the first time Kanye openly praised Nike’s work and, while he hasn’t posted a picture of him wearing the pair, it’s hard to imagine he hasn’t donned them at least once. to try them out.

Nike Vandal High

Earlier in 2021, Kanye was spotted in Los Angeles wearing a pair of Nike Vandal Highs. The pair in question is inspired by a unique piece from the 1984 film. The Terminator. Although the film’s version was never released, a slightly modified iteration was dropped in June 2015 as part of promotional pairs for the release of Terminator Genisys. While not as rare as the original version, the Nike Vandal High 2015 “Terminator” is coveted in its own right. Even before West recently rocked them, a pair would cost over $ 500 on sites like StockX, with several sales even hitting the $ 1,000 mark.

Nike Socks at the ‘DONDA’ Listening Party

Shortly after watching the pair of Vandals above, Kanye shared a photo of his outfit grid ahead of the Atlanta Listening Party for DONDA. Discerning observers quickly spotted a pair of Nike socks among all the Bottega and Saint Laurent. It wasn’t as big as the other Nike moments on this list, but it was definitely something that made waves at the time. Around the same time, Kanye paired his Foam Runners with a pair of white Nike socks at the Balenciaga fashion show. It was the first known time that “Ye mixed his adidas designs with a Nike product (although as far as we know he could never have stopped wearing Nike Crew socks).

Nike Heron Preston Gloves

Just a few months ago, when Kanye was starting to make public appearances with his face covered in various masks, he was seen hanging out with Heron Preston shaking a pair of the designer’s Nike Collaborative gloves.

COMME des GARÇONS HOMME PLUS x Nike Air Foamposite

Most recently, Kanye West was pictured wearing a pair of the upcoming COMME des GARÇONS HOMME PLUS x Nike Air Foamposite, which many have already dubbed the shoe of the year. Kid Cudi was also seen wearing a pair on the field during the Lakers game, with more and more instances of celebrities wearing the shoes recently appearing on Instagram. It almost sounds like a concerted seeding effort on Nike’s part, although it’s highly unlikely that Kanye is part of such a strategy. He’s much more likely to vibrate with the shoe, which sees the iconic ultra-durable basketball shoe hit the track thanks to CDG.

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