How will Adidas 99 cards work in Ultimate Team?


It looks like the next promotion for FIFA 22 Ultimate Team will be the Adidas 99 event!

So, find out exactly how the all-new live maps will work in FUT 22 below.

How will the Adidas 99 cards work?

EA will select multiple players who will receive Adidas cards, which can then be upgraded throughout the rest of the FIFA 22 play cycle, culminating in a new super boosted map.

EA Sports said:

“Throughout the FIFA 22 season, selected Ultimate Team players will receive Enhanced Boosts until they reach 99 in a single stat.

This means that one of the six base stats on their already boosted Adidas 99 cards will increase over the next few months until it potentially hits 99.

EA has yet to confirm how long these upgrades will take or how they will be determined, but it could be performance based, like Road to the Knockout cards.

Adidas confirmed players 99

EA has already confirmed a star that will be included in the new promo.

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FIRST UP – Reyna will see her pace increase dramatically

Young American midfielder from Dortmund, Giovanni Reyna, will be the first player to receive an Adidas 99 card in FUT.

Reyna’s “road to 99” in a stat will focus on her pace ability, which is already a reasonable 77.

When will the Adidas 99 promo arrive?

We expect a new event to take over from the Rulebreakers on Friday 12 November, but so far we haven’t seen any confirmation from EA as to what that will be.

The Adidas 99 event is scheduled to start on Sunday November 21, so it could be a mini-event similar to the Record Breakers we’ve seen in previous years.

Black Friday arrives on Friday November 26, so the timings seem to line up perfectly so that there is some sort of cross event.

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