Hybrid work blurs the days as we knew them



What happens when my “bad case of Mondays” is your “bump day”?

Remember how streaming changed everything, and now no one is watching the same show on the same day? Well, the growing megatrend of hybrid working has taken this whole asynchronous thing a giant leap forward. Now the days themselves are blurred. As the Dowager Countess of Downton Abbey might ask, “What is a Monday?

Two years after COVID emptied office buildings, this spring workers are finally ready to take back their cubicles. Oddly, many will feel the same – almost like we’ve just had a really long weekend. The little gossip, the printer’s “toner low” message, the Sweetgreen parade.

But the work the week himself? As Corey Adams, regional vice president of Robert Half, the global recruiting giant, said, it will be “different for every person.”

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