I tried the XGIMI Halo+ projector and now I can’t watch TV


When it comes to TVs, size matters. Home televisions have increased in size over the years, with the most common usually ranging between 42″ and 55″, but many also go up to 65″ to 75″.

The size of your TV will generally depend on the size of the room. But if the space is available to you, maybe televisions could be a thing of the past?

I have to start by admitting that when it comes to projectors, I’m pretty lucky with the space I have. My living room is a long rectangular shape and therefore lends itself quite well to projecting an image against either end wall. As I’ll explain in this review, however, you don’t need as much space between the projector and your “screen wall” as you might imagine. So let’s start…

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Let’s start with the obvious “wow factor” of the XGIMI Halo+. The picture is unmistakably spectacular. Even compared to its competitors in the market, it is here to be as good as possible. Colors are richer, crisper and denser than any previous projector I’ve seen.

You should also keep in mind that I am making this judgment based on projection against a simple matte white wall. As you may know, it is possible to buy paint made specifically for projector screens, but cans don’t come cheap. There’s also, of course, the option of a screen, but provided you don’t have too much light on your projector wall, a normal flat paint that you can buy at your local hardware store will certainly suffice.


If you’ve researched projectors in the past, you’ll see a common theme related to their sound quality. In short, the type of person interested in projectors takes their home entertainment system very seriously, and the sound quality of most projectors is generally considered substandard.

And yes, OK, if you’re looking for a high-end projector, you might want to get a high-end surround system to complement it. If you’re planning to buy your new home entertainment system piecemeal, the sound of the XGIMI Halo+ is definitely more than enough to help you out.

As for the sound, it is worth noting the machine itself. Previous projectors I’ve had have noisy fans that disrupt sound from the speakers – the XGIMI Halo, however, is quiet.


Instead of being limited to needing to have your machine square on the wall it’s projected onto, “keystone correction” allows you to place the XGIMI Halo+ at virtually any angle anywhere in the room – handy if you don’t feel like maneuvering all of your furniture.

Another huge advantage is, of course, its portability. Since it comes with a laptop-style battery, you can unplug your machine and take it with you. Amazon is full of plenty of reviews, complete with photos, that give an idea of ​​what you can expect for outdoor tours.

Are there any disadvantages?

Also according to Amazon reviews, some complain about the battery life of the machine. However, it’s certainly enough for you to watch the full duration of a movie outdoors or wherever you want to set it up that isn’t within reach of an electrical outlet.

One of the biggest annoyances I found was that the image also points slightly upwards. For some, depending on its location, this can be seen as an advantage. For me, however, as I set the machine up on a relatively high shelf, the image was projected slightly onto the ceiling. The only solution I had for this was to use the manual to adjust the same way you might stick beer coasters under the wobbly leg of a pub table.

Again, in defense of the XGIMI Halo+, the machine has a tripod slot, although of course you have to buy that separately.

Another slight downside is the fact that there’s only one HDMI slot available, which is a little frustrating if – like me – you want to hook up a streaming device and a computer at the same time. However, it is compatible with Chromecast. Various apps like YouTube are already programmed into the processor, with Google Play available for you to download other popular streaming apps.

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