Icelandic shoppers can get four teatime favorites for £5 – plus free Crayolas


As the cost of living crisis continues, freebies, deals and offers are something shoppers are watching closely when it comes to the weekly shop. And Iceland is the latest supermarket offering shoppers the chance to stock their freezers for less.

The discount retailer known for its frozen foods offers families everything four teatime favorites for £5 – and throw in a bunch of crayons for the kids too.

Both in-store and online, shoppers can add four of the selected items to their cart and receive a pack of Crayola Twistable crayons worth £3 for free.

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The most expensive items on offer cost £2.50, which are Goodfella’s pizzas. If buyers choose to buy four, their the total overall saving would be £8.

Other items included in the offer are Birds Eye Crispy Chicken Burgers, Birds Eye Fish Fingers, McCain’s Potato Smiles, and Birds Eye Potato Waffles.

The potato smiles are the cheapest item included in the deal, and if shoppers bought four packs for £5, they’d save £1, plus £3 on pencils.

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Online, customers can add the four chosen products to their basket, as well as the pack of 10 pencils, or withdraw them in store when paying at the checkout. Customers can find it all included in the offer here.

A similar the case can be found at Asda, where buyers can pick up five items for £5 and with some products costing £2.50, that’s a potential saving of up to £7.50.

There is currently 28 items available in the offering, including brands like Chicago Town, Birds Eye and Goodfellas. The most expensive items on the list are – like Iceland – the Goodfella’s pizzas priced at £2.50 each, meaning if shoppers buy five worth £12.50, they save the whole £7.50.



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