I’m a discount shopper – I’ve been to “World’s Richest Ross” and found designer items for as low as $21.99


HAVE you ever wondered if a discount store in an affluent area has better items?

YouTuber Laura Lee took a trip to the “world’s richest Ross” to find out – and picked up a designer jacket worth hundreds of dollars for $21.99.


YouTube star Laura Lee went shopping at the Ross in Beverly HillsCredit: YouTube/Laura Lee
She was looking for objects


She was looking for items in the “richest Ross in the world”Credit: YouTube/Laura Lee

Laura went to many Ross stores around Los Angeles.

But this time, she was looking for “the richest in the world”.

She posted a vlog of her going to the Ross in Beverly Hills, and shared the spoils of all the designer flights she found.

“Ross is probably one of the more affordable take on big discount stores. So we’re going to go there and do some major shopping,” Laura said.

Laura goes to the shoe department first and admits that the shelves are rather “dry”.

But she has better luck in the skincare section.

From Estee Lauder to Milk Makeup, Laura finds the skincare section full of high-end brands.

“They actually have a pretty big selection of good skincare products,” she admits.

Laura found a nice Coach bag but didn't get it


Laura found a nice Coach bag but didn’t get itCredit: YouTube/Laura Lee

The handbag section consists of Steve Madden and Adidas, with a few Micheal Kors, and a Coach and a DKNY.

“I’m not shocked, I haven’t seen anything at Ross before,” Laura admits as she exits the store.

“This Ross was honestly the worst Ross I’ve ever been to. There was just stuff everywhere. The shelves were picked up. It was a low key wreck.”

Despite the state of the store, Laura says she was still able to find some good stuff.

She starts by showing the $2.99 ​​bottle of Elf Soothing Face Oil Mist.

What she thought was a $4.99 Stila liquid blush turns out to be a lip product instead.

She loves this mini Adidas bag she found


She loves this mini Adidas bag she foundCredit: YouTube/Laura Lee
And the designer shot of the day was this Baccini leather jacket


And the designer shot of the day was this Baccini leather jacketCredit: YouTube/Laura Lee

“Oh my God, it’s so pretty and pigmented. I love that coral shade,” she proclaims.

Laura shares her favorite item she bought, the $14.99 Juicy Couture Malibu perfume.

“It smells so good. This one is really nostalgic for me. It smells good, it’s soft and warm at the same time,” explains Laura.

“I think we have a win there.”

Laura reveals the $17.99 Adidas cream mini backpack she got.

Finally, she shows off the $12.99 green cargo pants she found and the $21.99 Baccini leather jacket.

“It’s really snug. It’s luxurious,” Laura says.

“I found a couple of Miss Ross wins. It wasn’t a complete failure.”

One expert viewer suggested: “One trick is to find it when your stores have their delivery days each week and plan trips accordingly. That way you can make the most of what’s coming.”

“Heyyy loved the haul. The Bev Hills Ross is pretty good but my favorite Ross is the Brentwood/Santa Monica Ross,” another discount expert commented.

Laura made other trips to “richer” discount stores, including Nordstrom Rack and TJ Maxx.


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