James Harden launches the new Adidas Harden Vol. 7 sneakers


James Harden was spotted wearing the new Adidas Harden Vol. 7 sneakers during an NBA practice on Wednesday. He was seen testing the new edition at Rico Hines’ first summer run this offseason.

In 2015, the 10-time All-Star signed a 13-year contract with Adidas worth up to $200 million. Now, the Philadelphia 76ers guard is on the seventh edition of his signature sneaker line.

James Harden launches the new Adidas Harden Vol. 7 sneakers

Cassey Athena was able to take pictures of her cool shoes from the field. The suede toe cap of the Harden Vol. 1 sneakers is back. In addition, the Adidas logo is on the heel and the tongue. For those who want more visibility on the logo itself, this could be a downside.

Additionally, it’s unclear if the shoes Harden wore will be available to the general public. However, some variations of the sneakers will be released this year. Based on the images, the Adidas Harden Vol. 7 shoes will sport a black, silver and purple colorway.

Perhaps a release date will be announced later during training camp in September. Also, pricing is not known at this time, but the Adidas Harden Vol. 6 sneakers sell for $140 these days.

This means that the Harden Vol. 7 shoes will probably start at $300. Likewise, the new Curry FloTro 4 Lilac sneakers are selling for $375 on eBay. If he could, James Harden would probably wear both pairs for the season.

James Harden launches the new Adidas Harden Vol.  7 sneakers

Also, who is Rico Hines? Well, Hines is an NBA player development coach. He’s been coaching players since 2006. Not to mention he’s currently the player development coach for the Toronto Raptors. From 2006 to 2010, he served as an assistant coach for the Golden State Warriors.

On Wednesday, Harden was seen training with Tyrese Haliburton and Thomas Bryant. Hines prefers to coach players at his gymnasium at UCLA. Equally important, the coach played basketball for the school for all four years. In 101 games played, Hines averaged 2.2 points, 1.9 rebounds, and 1 assist per game.

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