Kanye West wears Nike Vandal ‘Terminator’ 2021 sneakers



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Adidas-produced Yeezy line by Kanye West is hotter than ever, helping his net worth reach nearly $ 2 billion according to Forbes, but that does not mean that competition is entirely prohibited. The multi-feature designer was pictured in Los Angeles this week wearing a pair of Nike’s.

Dressed in a full face mask and an unusual puffer jacket for the season, West wore a semi-obscure Nike Vandal High that discontinued in 2015 as a NikeLab version. The black and silver canvas sneakers are inspired by a unique pair from the 1984 film The Terminator. This version was never released, but a slightly modified iteration of the Vandal was dropped in June 2015 alongside another batch of promotional pairs created for the release of Terminator Genisys. To learn more about the creation of these sneakers, Click here.

While not as rare as the original promo version, the 2015 Nike Vandal High “Terminator” version is coveted in its own right. Even before the recent West Wear, the pair was consistently making over $ 500 on sites like StockX, with several sales closer to the $ 1,000 mark. There is currently only one size 10 pair available for an asking price of $ 14,128.

Nike Vandal Terminator Genisys
Nike Vandal High “Terminator” promo version, image via Complex Original

Previous examples of West wearing Nike while under contract with Adidas include the Air Jordan 1 “Court Purple” in 2020 and the ISPA Air Max 720 in 2019.



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