Katie Price’s daughter Princess Andre reveals her fear of being kidnapped

Princess Andre is afraid to go anywhere alone (Photos: YouTube Princess Andre / Rex)

Princess Andre has revealed that her biggest fear is being kidnapped, which means she avoids going anywhere on her own.

The 14-year-old, whose parents are Katie Price and Peter Andre, revealed her biggest fear during a question-and-answer session with fans on her YouTube channel.

She told her subscribers: “I have a lot of things, I don’t know I have so many [fears]. I have so many, but I don’t like to be alone.

‘I don’t know why, anywhere I go, I don’t like to be alone, alone.’

The princess continued, “If I’m in my room and stuff, then yeah, but like I’m dating or something, I can’t be alone because I’m just scared of being kidnapped or something. like. It’s actually pretty deep, but you know.

Her mother, Katie, 43, has previously spoken of kidnapping plots against herself which led to police intervening.

She said during an appearance on Steph’s Packed Lunch earlier in the year: “I’ve received four kidnapping threats via Scotland Yard anyway. I’m talking about it so jaded because I’m just used to it. My life is so out of doors.

‘Yes, I had four. Scotland Yard is knocking on your door. They know by their intelligence. Before I even know it, they are working behind the scenes.

“When they come to your door, their intelligence tells them everything. I had them badly enough – that’s why I have my guard dog.

An earlier gang plot to kidnap Katie’s eldest son Harvey, 19, also came to light in 2018.

Katie Price and Harvey Price

Katie Price and her son Harvey have already faced kidnapping threats (Photo: YouTube)

The family were also previously involved in a terrifying carjacking while on a trip to South Africa, which led to Katie checking in at the Priory for rehabilitation after severe trauma.

She said The sun: “The reason I went there was because I was detained at gunpoint and sexually assaulted.

“Six men attacked us after our stop because my son Junior needed to pee. We should never have been allowed to make this trip without security.

Katie continued, “It was like something out of a horror movie. This tall man in an Adidas hoodie was yelling in my face, swearing and demanding that I give him everything. And he was touching me downstairs.

“I grabbed a pillow and launched myself in front of the children, trying to protect them, waiting for a bullet to hit me. I thought I was going to die. The police said it was a miracle they didn’t kill us.

“Since then I have had to buy a protection dog for the family, and it has been so difficult for the poor princess, my daughter – she can’t go anywhere on her own.”

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