LADbible readers talk about bikes… but only to complain about changes in traffic laws; What’s the best pro-cycling argument?; Desert Island Disc (Wheel); Sprout van Aert peels the potatoes; Merckx’s monster year and more on the live blog


LADbible: “A place for people”…says the Facebook page. Stop laughing at the back. The information site “created for young people” has immersed itself in the world of cycling to share with its readers the changes to the Highway Code which will come into force next week.

> The public must be informed of changes to the rules of the road, says Cycling UK

As expected, the readership of the site has been rich in healthy debates and constructive comments… no. I said they were complaining about the changes to the rules of the road…maybe it would be more accurate to say that most of the comments were actually about what they wanted to see changed…eg , people riding bicycles on the road.

It’s been too long since I’ve heard the words “road tax”. I never want to hear them again…

Another classic to come… probably Ben also converted his engine to a single file seating arrangement?

And, one we’ve never heard before (rare for anti-bike bingo, I know)…

one us definitively already heard…


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