Marketing trends as of April 1, 2022


Lexus: The luxury car brand, which is gaining traction with Gen Z, says its live-streamed game show “Next Level” airing Feb. 25 on Twitch surpassed Twitch’s benchmarks for sponsored streams by 94%, with 503 962 total views and 1,447,442 total minutes watched. Twitch creator Anelle won a $20,000 cash grant as the show’s grand prize winner.

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Branded April Fool’s Pranks: A while ago, the brand’s waterfalls on April Fool’s Day might have looked fresh and captivating. But the joke is over. There are too many, and often they are not funny. Don’t marketers, ad agencies, and PR firms have better things to do?

Dunkin’: The channel parted ways with marketing director Rafael Acevedo less than a year after hiring him. The move is another example of a problem that has plagued the marketing industry for years: short CMO tenure, which complicates many things, including agency relationships. Acevedo had just overseen Anomaly’s hiring. Now what?

Capital S4: Martin Sorrell’s digital advertising company has delayed the release of its annual results for the second time, depressing its share price and raising questions among analysts. Morgan Stanley analyst Omar Sheikh said the lack of a revised date suggests the issue is “not trivial,” according to Bloomberg.

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