Masters 2022 – Waffle House and Adidas team up for waffle-themed golf shoes


Every April, as The Masters approaches, golf apparel and original equipment manufacturers try to outdo the competition with uniquely themed gear.

We’ve seen green shirts and shoes to represent the green jacket the winner and members wear, and azalea prints to highlight the flowers at Augusta National, but Adidas Golf took it to a whole new level – and very Georgian. This year.

The company has released a collaboration with Waffle House for a limited-edition Tour360 shoe that goes on sale Thursday. The shoes cost $210 for the men’s version and $200 for the women’s version.

The shoe sports the Waffle House insignia on the back with a waffle square print running along the shoe in an understated color that mimics waffles and syrup in what Adidas calls a batter-like colorway. Waffle House’s headquarters are in Norcross, Georgia, just over two hours west of the Masters’ home.

“We love this time of year because more than anything else, it’s an unofficial start to the golf season for everyone,” said Masun Denison, global director of golf footwear for Adidas. “Waffle House is such a well-known restaurant in Georgia and across the United States, we knew it would be fun to partner with their team on a design that brings a piece of the famous restaurant to everyone, all in our silhouette. headlight.”

It’s not just the shoes that will be Waffle House themed, as the box that houses each pair is designed to look like a Waffle House restaurant.

A representative for Adidas said it was not yet known if any of the PGA Tour ambassadors would wear the waffle shoes this week at the Masters, but it was possible they could make an appearance when the players will play in the Par 3 competition on Wednesday.

There’s sure to be more Masters or Georgia State-themed gear coming out this week, but it’ll be hard to top the Waffle House popularity and unique look of these shoes.


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