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Here is a great deal for all Milo lovers.

Milo Singapore is offering free Adidas bags if you buy Milo products in selected supermarkets until March 27.

Photo by Mandy Comment.

Photo via Milo Singapore/FB.

Swap Adidas duffel bags and backpacks

To redeem the bags, simply purchase S$35 or S$50 worth of Milo beverages from participating retailers in one receipt.

These retailers include FairPrice, Sheng Siong, Giant and Cold Storage.

Then, take the receipt to Redemption Tours, located at various supermarkets, to redeem the bags.

Purchasing S$35 worth of Milo drinks gets you a S$30 Adidas backpack, available in brown or grey.

Photo by Mandy Comment.

Gray Adidas backpack from someone who bought the deal. Photo via Isabelle Rayson Windy/FB.

Purchasing S$50 worth of Milo drinks nets you an Adidas sports bag worth S$45.

Photo by Mandy Comment.

The fine print

Note that some Milo products are not eligible for this offer, such as “MILO Made in Australia Powder”, or Milo snacks such as Milo Nuggets and Snack Bars.

The complete list of approved products is available here.

Each person is limited to Three bags each.

Bags are also distributed on a first-come, first-served basis, and while supplies last at each of the Redemption Roadshow counters.

Redemptions must also be made from the same retail chain of purchase. For example, FairPrice receipts will only be accepted on FairPrice Redemption tours.

The full list of terms and conditions can be found here.

Roadshow locations and times

Here is the full list of Redemption Roadshow locations, along with their respective dates and times:

Photo via Milo Singapore/FB.

Photo via Milo Singapore/FB.

Photo via Milo Singapore/FB.

Photo via Milo Singapore/FB.

The agreement also applies to online purchases and redemptions on Fairprice Online, Redmart and Shopee.

For more details on online trading, click here.

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