NBA 2K23 VC Pricing Explained


NBA 2K23 was released on September 9, 2022 worldwide, and with the release of the game players are trying to find different ways to customize their player. One way to shake up the game is to use virtual currency.

Virtual currency is a necessity in NBA 2K23 unless you don’t plan on playing MyTeam or other online modes. Currency is not that hard to come by as players can earn it in-game or buy it from the store.

5,000 HP – $1.99
15,000 HP – $4.99
35,000 HP – $9.99
75,000 HP – $19.99
200,000 HP – $49.99
450,000 HP – $99.99

You can buy your VC in the game itself or in the game store on any console you play on. VC can also be purchased at any store where you purchase your games, such as GameStop or Target. This VC can help players earn different packs in the game

For anyone who pre-ordered 2K23, you’re in luck because pre-ordering the game rewarded players with 35,000 VC when purchased with an Amex card.

Virtual Credit can be used to help secure player packs in the game. Some packs will give you different clothes and other fun items that can allow you to customize your player to the max. Here is a list of some of the brands that are included in clothing items:

Canadian Arctic Goose Program
Mitchell & Ness
New Balance
New era

You can find a full list of the different brands working with NBA 2k23 on our site.

If you don’t want to buy virtual credit on top of the money spent securing the game, you’re in luck. Players will earn VC just by playing the game. It will be earned at a much slower rate, but that still doesn’t mean you can’t earn rewards along the way.

Other ways to earn VC are by completing daily rewards, completing quick play, and opening locker codes that 2K will release sporadically throughout the season. 2K23 offers plenty of ways to customize your character, and whether you buy VC or earn it in-game, you’ll want to make sure you have enough to unlock different items throughout your playtime.


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