NC State Edition Adidas Ultraboost 21 Unboxing and Review


I am by no means a sneakerhead. Well maybe I’m a fan of window shopping. I follow the game and respect those who are scrambling for the last drops. But I am not participating in the madness. Those I know who have descended into rabbit holes end up with dozens of pairs of sneakers, it is true. With two children, I can barely put shoes on, let alone mine.

Adidas’ Ultraboost has been their most popular shoe line in recent years, just behind Yeezy, and the various colorways and limited editions have kept it keeping pace with Nike in the exclusive game of sneakers. I’ve wanted to get one of these shoes for quite some time, but I haven’t waited so patiently for Adidas to finally back NC State with a proper custom version of their popular Ultraboost line for a few years now. Every time they took one out for another Adidas school, I would talk to them on Twitter to make one for State. What I’m trying to say is that everyone can thank me for Adidas having finally arrived.

These actually came out almost a month ago. I received the following announcement in an email from Wolfpack Outfitters on August 25 saying they would be online that night at midnight:

Since I don’t sleep at suitable times anyway, logging in at 12:01 am was not a problem.

I slightly hesitated at the price: $ 180. But since it’s something that I was personally responsible for the realization, I felt compelled to complete it. This is the usual Boost price these days.

I was not disappointed with the final product. Let’s go for unpacking:

Speaking of the box, I like the unique angled opening:

Initial impressions:

Very positive. I like gray, it goes well with red, white and black. I have to admit that the heel of the big ass was initially very off-putting. Some friends joked that they looked like those Skechers that Joe Montana improved his posture in. But in person, it looks good.

The small details:

I really like the details, like the Tuffy logo on one tongue and the Aididas logo on the other.

The Block S label on the back looks like a flag that I fly behind me as I walk:

I really like the red on the rear insole and the red lace-up cups:

The white on the heel and the front is VERY white.

My absolute favorite detail is the “WOLFPACK” on the sole of the right foot:

The Tuffy and Adidas logos on the front of the red part of the tabs are reversed for the interior:

Lower tread, thanks also to Continental Tires:

View from the back: These shoes are THICC, I grant you that

I step out on a limb exposing my skinny ankles to the internet to give you this on view of the feet:

The shoe also looks great with jeans:


Appearance: 9.5 Tuffy out of 10. I love the colors, gray goes well with classic colors. That being said, the big heel is an acquired taste. Over the past month it’s really grown in me, but I can admit it’s not for everyone. This is the design of all Ultraboosts at this time.

Attention to detail: 10 out of 10 Tuffy. From the use of logos to the specific shade of red, these are the ultimate shoes to proclaim your NC State fanhood. Wearing them with pants does cover the logos though, for your reference.

Comfort: 9 out of 10. This is the one I wanted to put a little time into before forming an opinion. My previous shoes were the red and black Adidas Harden Vol 3. Yes, the same shoes that Markell Johnson sprained his ankle in. I really didn’t like these shoes at first, but once I broke them they became some of my favorite sneakers. Since these had the same Boost sole, I knew I had to give these new shoes a few weeks to have a real impression.

I’m glad I did this. I wasn’t very impressed at first, but giving them time paid off. The Ultraboost line has a reputation for being among the most comfortable shoes on the market, if not the most comfortable. I wouldn’t go that far, but like I said, these are the first pair of Boosts I own. The fit is very tight, if you like it, and it’s really nice to walk on.

Feel: 10 out of 10 smells like June.

Availablity: The Adidas Ultraboost 21 NC State Edition shoes are available on the Adidas site here, priced at $ 180. They seem to no longer be available on the official NCSU store.

Globally: Recommend these shoes to Pack fans looking to use their feet to spread their allegiance to the team. As long as you agree with the price.


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