New NHL jerseys contain 50% recycled material and “dimensional embroidery”



In an effort to make its next season a bit greener, the NHL has announced a league-wide jersey change to the Adidas ADIZERO Primegreen jerseys, which are made with a minimum of 50% recycled material.

Other sports teams and leagues have recently taken advantage of the many environmental advances in sportswear. Adidas created jerseys made from recycled ocean waste for MLS and Real Madrid football teams, and New Era also created Denver Broncos hats from recycled plastic.

To see a big sports league issue a general rule and change the uniforms of all its teams is remarkable, however.

What’s also noteworthy here is how the jerseys use a decorating technique called “dimensional embroidery” to add more detail to the team logo, according to

Some of those dimensional embroidery details are subtle, like adding a bit of texture to the Edmonton Oilers teardrop logo or the Pittsburgh Penguin gloves.

For teams like the Rangers, this allows them to create logos that stand out more than before, with features like bevelled embroidered fonts.

The jerseys will also use embroidered logo patches on the shoulder.

With more eco-friendly clothing growing all the time, it’s a safe bet that other sports leagues will adopt rules like this. And dimensional embroidery adds a very cool touch to any logo, whether it’s the team’s or a sponsor logo on the front.



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