Nike versus adidas, New Balance versus Steve Madden, PZAZ versus Jonah Reider


Finally, it’s the weekend and, more precisely, it’s the weekend of June 16, 2022.

Highsnobiety curated a selection of holiday-related content, including streaming picks, weekend events, black-owned brands to support, playlist, Q&A with Black Beauty founders on personal care and, courtesy of Ghetto Gastro, a June 19 celebration recipe.

The week leading up to Juneteenth was particularly busy, with the launch of Highsnobiety’s annual Not In Paris event, a slew of new sneakers – including Martine Rose’s latest Nike collaboration, revealed at London Fashion Week and the Not-Force 1 from MSCHF – pregnancy rumors, celebrity beauty brands, bankrupt beauty brands, Dior-kenstocks and Squid Game 2.

Meta revealed his collaboration with Balenciaga, Stüssy joined Tekla, VTMNTS returned, Tiffany took over London, Ken got himbo-trusted, Off-White™ made AF1 busier, joker 2 became a musical, Manolo dressed Elvis, Kanye attacked adidas, and you just got Krissed.

Oh, and Drake shocked his new album, with a woman-filled music video.

If you need us, we’ll be counting down the days until Queen Bey comes out Renaissance (shout out to Blue Ivy).

Defining mountain essentialism with Rier

“Growing up in a vertical and austere mountain context, you quickly learn to adapt to contrasts,” Rier designer Andreas Steiner told Highsnobiety. “And Rier offers items that you can easily wear in town or in the country.”

Unlike their father, the Arnault Boys are all-in on NFTs

“The Arnault family, who oversee fashion conglomerate LVMH and many of its companies, have very different views on NFTs and Web3 in general. While patriarch Bernard has been pretty lukewarm about it all, his sons are quite made in the metaverse.”

New Balance vs. Steve Madden: The Case of the 327 Sneakers

“But New Balance doesn’t have it with Steve Madden’s Chasen sneaker. No, it won’t get away with blatantly ripping off New Balance 327s this time.”

How Jonah Reider makes beauty more digestible

“Reider is more interested in viewing food through a wellness lens, examining the age-old question: How does what we ingest affect how we feel? He quickly realized that most digestible wellness products – from ‘creativity tonics’ to ‘soothing granola bars’, or anything else’ – don’t talk to him or his peers.”

Here’s why Undefeated’s new watch is $55,000

“With a fairly steep price tag and a very small run, this collaboration was clearly not made for your average consumer. But it serves a bigger purpose: it’s a window into the world of independent watchmaking.”

Nike vs adidas: Battle of the “Super Shoe”

“When it came to competing with Nike (in terms of performance and accolades, at least), only one brand came close: adidas.”


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