No more random from day 2 – Sea Otter 2021


DT Swiss is present at the event to convert the old three-pawl models to the Ratchen LN for a special event price of a “mandatory suggested donation” of $ 25 to one of the three organizations. “We’re not going to take people’s money,” explained a DT Swiss representative, “but now it will go to a good cause.”

Calfee Design showed a beautiful carbon bike and some carbon repairs.

Drill a hole, then secure it with the Dynaplug Air tool.

Abus has entered the world of mountain biking and the Montrailer Quin helmet has a built-in crash detector that will text your friends if you hit the ground.

The brand offers bags in a wide range of sizes to meet all needs, from minimalist endurance bags to heavier all-day adventure bags with spine protection.

The Adidas 2022 sunglasses collections were also on display, including the futuristic 3D printed $ 415 eyewear for Adidas members only. (That’s what’s in that secret black box on the left.)

The high-end manufacturer of titanium exhaust systems has recently entered the MTB and BMX industries with the introduction of their pedals. Now it’s rods. Price to be determined.

A live RubiconEP demo. Plus, these guys know how to choose the eye-catching exhibition bikes to appeal to all of us.

Outride, a non-profit organization that studies ways cycling can improve lives and implements programs to improve accessibility in sport, represented here at Sea Otter.

WickedGirl had all kinds of prints and fabrics to show off, as well as some handmade bicycle-themed jewelry.

The brand offers base layers in a few different fabric weights.

Artilect will also offer gender parity on all of its clothing, which means that each item for men will have an equivalent item for women.

The new Escapod motorhome has it all, including the kitchen sink.

Kogel’s oversized Kolossos XX1 cage claims to save 2.5 watts and is paired with Hope brakes and cranks.

‘Murica, damn yeah.


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