Parents grapple with back-to-school shopping amid inflation and logistical issues

High prices and supply chain issues have made shopping a challenge (Photo courtesy

With just two days left until the official start of the school year, parents shared their challenges with last-minute back-to-school shopping for their children.

Watching media on Friday afternoon took to the busy streets of the city of St John to speak with parents about how their shopping is going amid rising prices and supply chain delays caused by the Covid pandemic and the conflict in Ukraine.

For months now, the public has felt the pressure in this regard – and it has been no different for parents.

A mother said it was difficult to get full uniforms for her children, while a father and shop owner admitted shoe prices were both high and limited in stock.

“To be honest with you – with back to school – everyone is rushing right now but the suppliers of Nike, Puma, Adidas, whatever brand you can’t get them, so it’s one of the main problems with shopping in Antigua,” he explained.

Buying school shoes wasn’t the only item parents struggled to get, with one mum sharing her frustrations finding specific stationery and schoolbags.

“I had to walk to 10 different stores trying to find the right items. The prices weren’t that bad but it was hard having to walk around to find stuff,” she said. told Observer.

However, a few parents explained that they had already done the majority of their shopping online and only bought one or two last items in town.

A single mother encouraged others to order items in advance to avoid the last-minute stress of running around for school supplies.

“I don’t really shop here and that’s because most things are usually out of stock and if they’re in stock the prices are kinda ridiculous so I’d rather shop online,” he said. she declared.

“I’m looking at a school bag for example and the price is $250 and as a single mom spending that much money is already eating away at your budget so any advice I would give is to plan ahead and buy online,” she added.

The 2022/2023 school year will begin on Monday.


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