Ragnarok promotion presents Rick and Morty


The following contains spoilers for Rick and Morty Season 6, Episode 1, “Solaricks,” which debuted Sunday, September 4 on Adult Swim.

rick and morty just found himself in another TV spot, this time promoting, of all things, God of War: Ragnarok!

The ad opens with Rick Sanchez shaving his head and adopting red face paint to look like Kratos’. God of the war watch – without the beard – before coercing Morty into having a Kratos and Atreus-inspired adventure. However, his actions only leave Morty puzzled as to why Rick is doing this, prompting his grandfather to argue, “Why do we have to do something Morty?!”, resulting in Morty, despite the list of a few potential reasons, fails to stop Rick from dragging him through a portal anyway.

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The remaining publicity then riffs on God of the warthe upgrade mechanics, with Rick locating a major video game weapon inside one of the game’s item coffins. However, being Rick, he is reluctant to use it to save Morty’s life , despite the imminent threat of some killer birds.

It is not the first time rick and morty crossed with PlayStation. In 2019, Adult Swim released a Death Stranding ad featuring Rick and Morty traversing the dystopian world of Hideo Kojima, only to debate whether they should eat the game’s Bridge Baby for power-ups. A year later, a similar commercial saw Morty trying to promote the revolutionary features of the PlayStation 5, while Rick stood in the background, nonchalantly counting the money they received for doing said commercial. The acclaimed anime series has also done promotional material for products like Adidas crampons, Pringles and Carl’s Jr.., as well as several Wendy’s advertising.

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After a year of absence, rick and morty aired its Season 6 premiere “Solaricks” on September 4, which wrapped up several details from the Season 5 finale. Jerry Smith, to their respective original dimensions, forcing Summer and the two Beths to bring them all home. Ahead of the season’s debut, lead actor Justin Roiland teased that Season 6 would be “more canonical” in its structure, saying “It really rewards the fans of the show who have watched so far… So it’s it’s like, I think we’re finally back in the rhythm of Rick and Morty, and I think season 6 is… I didn’t particularly think season 5 was bad, but season 6 is f*cking unbelievable. It really is a fucking quality season.”

Other misadventures previewed in Season 6 trailers include Summer Smith becoming a die hard-inspired action heroes and the Smith family escaping killer robots. The premiere’s post-credits scene also set up a potential main villain in Weird Rick, the Rick Sanchez responsible for murdering Earth’s C-137 Rick family.

New rick and morty episodes air Sundays at 11:00 p.m. EST on Adult Swim.

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