Rare Kobe Bryant Adidas basketball worn by 1998 game sold at auction for $27,000


Kobe Bryant played his first All-Star Game in 1998 – 24 years later, his game-worn pair of sneakers came up for auction.

Kobe Bryant playing in the 1998 All-Star Game was somewhat symbolic – the master imparted knowledge to the student. Michael Jordan was playing in his last All-Star game as the Chicago Bull, and Kobe had just made the game in his sophomore year.

Just a few years ago, Kobe couldn’t wait to play against the man he idolized – that moment was everything he dreamed of. Head to head against Jordan in his Adidas sneakers, Kobe went up against Air Jordan. Black Jesus vs. Black Mamba is a match without black or white.

These pairs of game-worn sneakers sold in an auction recently concluded by the PWCC marketplace. Obtaining this pair would have been a dream for many Kobe Bryant fans, and the price didn’t make it so unaffordable either.

Selling for a whopping $27,000, it pales in comparison to a few other Black Mambas artifacts that have come up for auction in the recent past. The game-worn jerseys seem to do much better on the block, but these deserve more attention.

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Kobe Bryant memorabilia makes collectors weak in the knees – this one surprisingly, not so much

It might be Adidas’ bias talking, but fans seem to like Nike’s offerings better. The American sports manufacturer had some of the best colorways for the Lakers man, but Adidas shouldn’t be overlooked. Sure, they put toasters on his feet, but the Crazy 8s were a fun shoe.

This difference showed up in the price of the sneaker during the auction, as 27,000 as the last price before closing seems to be too low. If it was the Barcelonas, Mambacurials or Grinches, fans would go crazy paying top dollar to own the pair.

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Auction prices may be low, but the love for the Lakers legend remains

Kobe Bryant will be in basketball fans’ conversations for years to come – he shaped an entire generation. Even when the current generation of fans ages and we see future Hall of Famers deliver their speeches, one of them will likely be inspired by the Lakers man.

The circumstances of his passing have made it much harder for people to come to terms with the loss, but fans and family have held up well. Time heals almost all wounds, but the absence of a loved one makes it dearer. In this case, about $27,000 more, which quite honestly is a bargaining chip.

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