Ryan Reynolds ad shop parent calls on marketing vet Joanne Bradford


Advertising technology firm MNTN has appointed veteran marketing Joanne Bradford to the new role of chief growth officer as the company considers a possible IPO, company executives said.

MNTN, formerly known as SteelHouse, uses automated technology to purchase streaming TV advertising space from media companies that meet certain criteria for advertisers. The business tracks campaign performance and is often paid when customers meet goals, such as the number of app downloads or website visits, rather than the more common measure of how many people see the ad. .

Ms Bradford, who started in the role in mid-August, is responsible for accelerating growth internationally and forging new partnerships with media, agency and technology companies, said Mark Douglas, Managing Director of MNTN.

“The goal is really to bring television [ads] and the ability to buy TV commercials from everyone based on performance, ”said Bradford.

Marketers are increasing the amount of money they spend on streaming TV as consumers move from traditional broadcasting and cable TV to streaming subscriptions with companies like Netflix Inc. and streaming services. ad-supported streaming such as Walt Disney Co.

‘s Hulu and ViacomCBS Inc.

Pluto TV.

In addition to helping customers advertise on Internet-connected TVs, Mr. Douglas wants to expand MNTN’s creative capabilities, such as creating entertaining videos that promote a customer’s brand, a he declared. The company recently acquired the Maximum Effort agency from actor Ryan Reynolds. And MNTN, which generated over $ 100 million in 2020 and is profitable, also plans to acquire a business in the coming weeks that will bring more efficiency to the creative production process, he said.

“In the current model of television, media and creation are separate,” he said. “We want to bring the media and creation much closer together. “

Ms Bradford, an executive with experience spanning marketing and broader business functions, was most recently president of e-commerce and rewards company Honey Science Corp., which was acquired by PayPal Holdings Inc. She was previously a director of operations and director of marketing. at SoFi Technologies Inc.,

and has also held leadership positions at Pinterest Inc.,

Yahoo Inc. and Microsoft Corp.

MNTN in 2016, when it was known as SteelHouse, found itself embroiled in a legal battle with ad technology company Criteo in which each company accused the other of bad behavior to improve performance. . The companies finally settled their dispute.

The company became MNTN this year as it moved from traditional online advertising strategies such as retargeting (showing ads to people who have visited a brand’s website) to performance marketing for connected TVs powered. by Internet.

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