Schuh’s website has a secret sale section where you can buy Adidas, Dr Martens and Nike for less than half the price


There’s nothing more enjoyable than unboxing a new pair of sneakers or lacing up your new Dr Martens for the first time. But new shoes are undeniably quite expensive, especially for your favorite brands like Adidas and Nike.

And while the discount codes are nice and all, sometimes 10% off for signing up for a newsletter that you’ll keep getting 10,000 emails for and never open a single one of, doesn’t really make a dent in the overall price.

But there’s a little-known part of the shoe retailer Schuh’s website who sees discounted heels, sneakers, boots and more at a fraction of retail price – just because they’re Ex display.

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The site section can be found under the sale tab under ‘offers’ where you can ‘ shop ex display’. There are currently over 1,000 pairs of shoes up for grabs at a lower price, just because of a few imperfections.

Schuh said, “Welcome to our ex-display section. Shoes that have suffered from a little too much interest come here to find forever homes. We believe this is just character building stuff – some products here will have scuffs, discolorations and other individual quirks.

Ex-posting means exactly what it sounds like. These are shoes that have been displayed in store, ready for customers to try on and take a quick walk around the store before they decide to buy them.

Therefore, some of these shoes may have a little scuff or mark here and there. And okay, new, clean shoes are an absolute delight, but how long does it take before the dog comes from the yard and steps on them, or you trip and scratch the corner anyway?

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Many of us are guilty of buying new shoes and being almost too scared to wear them, so buying a pair of Former display could be the perfect solution to remove that splinter and eliminate the fear of going out with new kicks.

In the old display part of the siteshoppers can filter results by women, men, and children, as well as height, ranging up to 13 for children, 13 for men, and 10 for women.

Some of the brands on offer include Adidas, Birkenstock, Converse, Dr Martens, Fred Perry and Nike, as well as Schuh brand shoes and sneakers.

Schuh has some of the styles available in multiple sizes, while others, like these natural astrid high patent chelsea boots (£22.99) and black vegan 1460 8 eye Dr Martens for £81.99 instead of £149, are only available in one size – so it’ll be a bargain for the first person to add them to their basket and checkout.

A pair of black Birkenstocks have been reduced from £115 to £48.99, with Nike Air Force 1 Sage Low at €44.99 from £85.

Typically if you click on a listing an image will show the blemishes meaning it’s much less of a lottery and you can decide if you’re happy with the marks and scuffs for the discounted price .

You can find all Schuh ex-exhibition pieces currently available here, with prices ranging from £2.99 to £187.99.


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