Speed, Stability and Rick and Morty: Adidas’ New X Speedportal Shoes Explained


A cutting edge boot endorsed by the likes of Rick and Morty, Mo Salah and Vivianne Miedema

adidas have expanded their X range of football boots, introducing the SpeedportalL silhouette to the series of models focused on speed and movement. The new boot takes that process in a new direction, literally. The key theme throughout the design process was the idea of ​​’multi-dimensional speed’, a concept which reflects the evolution of football and how the role of speed within it has also changed.



“You have to understand the game and how the speed is used,” says Franziska Aurnhammer, senior product manager at adidas. “We are past the time when you were talking about high-speed linear sprints. In football these days, multi-directional speed is super important. It’s a game with high pressure, the attacks are faster, there is less time on the ball. There’s a lot of extra pressure on the players to be faster, not only physically, but also mentally. You have to react quickly, make the right decisions quickly. This is where the idea of ​​multidimensional speed comes from.



The focus on multi-dimensional speed comes after a long design process for adidas, which began over two years ago and relied heavily on brand archives as well as player insights and, for the first time, coaches. “Our goal is to bring a better product to the table every season for our athletes, that’s what we strive for,” says Thomas Macé, senior design director for adidas football boots. “We have a great history of speed boots, and we’re using that as a starting point. We look at what our athletes like and dislike about the product and then try to improve it.



For the latest evolution of the X-series, adidas has focused its innovation on three main areas: the upper, the outsole and the stability system. Each of these sections of the Speedportal is designed to achieve the brand’s main goal of creating shoes that allow players to be as fast as possible in different ways.

“We engineered every millimeter of this material,” Macé says of the PRIMEKNIT upper. “It gives you the best support in the right areas. Obviously, a toe, a midfoot, the arch and the heel do not have the same shoe needs to gain speed, comfort and stability. The upper is finished with adidas’ signature speed skin, which “helps create optimal interaction between the ball and the shoe,” according to Aurnhammer.



The second major innovation is in the outsole, particularly in relation to the studs. “We knew we wanted to create a shoe that allowed players to go fast in multiple directions,” Aurnhammer continues. “That’s how the cleats were designed, they were designed to give you grip and help you push in all directions.” The outsole is also redesigned with two additional forefoot lugs included. “They’ve been proven to provide a big performance advantage in terms of initial thrust to really get you going.”



While both of these are important, the third and final section was highlighted as the most important thing for pro gamers involved in the design process. “The main thing from a performance standpoint is stability,” says Aurnhammer. “That’s why on the medial and lateral side there’s a 2.7 millimeter sheet of TPU, a bit of extra reinforcement in the midfoot areas where it’s crucial that you have good lockdown, fit tight and very good stability to avoid having sideways movements that would make you less stable.



Stability innovations go beyond adding a few thin sheet sections. Another addition is what Aurnhammer calls “stability wings”, helping to hold the wearer’s heel more firmly in the boot. “This ensures players have a perfect fit and excellent lockdown,” she adds. “As a result, they are able to run faster because they are more stable.”

Along with improving its on-court capabilities, adidas has also improved the shoe’s durability credentials. “Sustainability is close to our hearts at adidas,” says Aurnhammer. “For the first time ever in football boots, we don’t use any virgin polyester. Additionally, the entire X line will now feature at least 50% recycled materials. In the upper part. We’re really proud, it’s the highest durability standard we’ve ever achieved in football boots.



Showcasing the technical know-how and experimentation of the X Speedportal, adidas have recruited mad scientist Rick Sanchez and his grandson Morty Smith. The duo appear in an animated film – alongside Mo Salah and Vivianne Miedema – exploring the abilities of Multi-Dimensional Speed ​​and what it can do for Morty’s budding football career. Continuing the rick and morty influence, the X Speedportal arrives in an eye-catching “Portal Fluid Green” colorway.

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