Tennis rackets, shoes, charm bracelets to buy during the US Open


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The 2021 US Open – the 141st edition of the tournament – is going strong through September 14 and if you’re like us, you’ve been watching the defending champions and rising stars of tennis play for the past two weeks.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve casually watched the games or cheered on your favorite player every step of the way, it’s safe to say there’s a lot of excitement around this year’s US Open, especially with the crowds. allowed to watch all the action inhabit.

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If all of those tennis matches get you more excited about the sport, maybe now is the time to indulge in some tennis fun, whether that is with equipment to start a tennis match with friends or accessories for tennis. commemorate the moment. Here are 8 products to buy if you are a tennis player or a big fan of the game.

1. A racket that’s right for you

A good racket can be the most important tennis accessory.

If you are new to playing tennis for the first time or want to improve your racquet, you don’t have to shell out a lot of money for a good racquet. A good rule of thumb when buying: the bigger the head, the easier it is to make solid contact with the ball and the more forgiving the racquet will be. More experienced players will find advantages in rackets with smaller heads, but beginners will find an “oversized” head as a good starting point.

New players should also focus on choosing a lightweight racquet as it may be easier to hold for a long time. As for the grip size, we recommend using a guide like this – spoiler alert, all you will need is a ruler and your hand to find the best size for you.

Get the Wilson X-Large Energy Racket on Amazon for $ 49.25

Get the Head Ti.S6 tennis racquet at Dick’s Sporting Goods for $ 89

2. A portable net so you can play anywhere

Train quickly at home or make your tennis match more kid-friendly with a portable net.

If all of the tennis courts near you are too crowded or you don’t have an accessible court, a portable net to install in your driveway is a decent alternative. They are especially useful for playing a quick game, practicing drills, or teaching toddlers to play at home.

This Aoneky portable mini tennis net is a great option for those who want to train off the court, as it is easy to set up and compact to store. Choose between a 10-foot or 18-foot net in length – the shorter length is great for kids, depending on the brand.

Get the Aoneky Mini Portable Tennis Net on Amazon from $ 49.99

3. A tennis skirt from the Venus Williams clothing line

Look stylish on and off the pitch in a piece from the Venus Williams line.

Even if you can’t play like a tennis champion, you can still dress like one. Venus Williams’ EleVen clothing line features tennis essentials and off-court pieces that any athletic enthusiast is sure to swoon over.

A staple of the line is the ruffled skirt with a pleated and flared bottom. This retro color block skirt features gorgeous blue tones that will look as good as they perform on the court.

Get Venus Williams’ EleVen Retro Colorblock Ruffle Skirt at Saks Fifth Avenue for $ 84

4. A sports bag for all your equipment

Keep all your gym gear organized with a gym bag or backpack.

Even the most casual tennis player will need a bag to store a few racquets, tennis balls and other equipment.

The Nike Court Advantage Tennis Duffel is perfect for any tennis player who wants to stay organized on the courts. The sleek black duffel can carry up to two racquets and has a large main compartment, a ventilated shoe compartment and several other smaller pockets for the happiness of organization.

For something a little more simple and affordable, a lightweight tennis shoulder bag like the Alien Pros lightweight tennis backpack will do the trick, too. It is perfect for storing the essentials: a racket, a bottle of water, a few towels and tennis balls.

Get the Nike Court Advantage Tennis Duffel on Amazon for $ 96.48

Get the Alien Pros Tennis Sling Lightweight Backpack at Amazon for $ 19.99

5. A Funko Pop! Collectible Legends of Your Favorite Player

Celebrate your favorite tennis players with a Funko Pop!  of Tennis Legends Memorial.

While superstar players like Rafael Nadal and Venus Williams are missing from this year’s US Open, if you can’t resist a merch celebrating your favorite tennis star, a Funko Pop! is a fun piece to add to your desk or your Funko Pop collection! Captions. The Funko Pop! The brand makes bobblehead-esque collectibles of athletes, actors, and fan-favorite movie and TV characters.

The brand’s range of Tennis Legends collectibles includes tennis icons such as Rafael Nadal, Venus Williams, Bjorn Borg and Maria Sharapova. Mix and match with your favorites or collect them all!

Get the Rafael Nadal Funko Pop! Legends: Tennis Legends on Amazon for $ 9.99

Get Venus Williams’ Funko Pop! Legends: Tennis Legends on Amazon for $ 5.99

6. A top-notch exercise dress for playing (or, just to look good)

The internet is obsessed with that $ 100 sports dress, and so are we.

Who says you can’t look good while exercising? Go from playing on the courts to having drinks with friends in an ultra-versatile sports dress, a style that has been gaining popularity since the athleisure style entered the scene.

With over 3,000 rave reviews, the Outdoor Voices Exercise Dress is constantly selling, restocking and selling again. Review’s health and fitness editor Sara Hendricks swears by the Outdoor Voices dress, praising it for its comfortable, non-restrictive construction with a sleek look.

If you’re looking for a more budget option, we’ve found Halara’s famous 2-in-1 Everyday Activity Dress to be basically as good as the one from Outdoor Voices. For less than half the price, you can pick up a sports dress in a similar style, perfect for all your activities.

Get the exercise dress at Outdoor Voices for $ 100

Get the Everyday 2 in 1 Activity Dress at Halara for $ 39.95

6. A retro-inspired tennis art print

Celebrate sports with a gorgeous art print.

A piece of retro or retro-inspired art makes a great addition to a room and goes with many styles. Not to mention that it makes for an interesting talking piece that can start a conversation. If you are a tennis fan, add a personal touch with a tennis themed piece of art to show your appreciation for the sport. Game emblems like a tennis court or tennis balls can look great.

There are plenty of affordable yet high-quality art prints to choose from at Society6, which is home to artwork from around the world printed on canvases, pillows, rugs, and even shower curtains. This print of an aerial photo of a tennis player in action features a contrasting color design that is sure to be a hit in any room.

Get the tennis player art print from above at Society6 starting at $ 16.19

7. A pair of sneakers to wear on the courts

Get the right shoes before you hit the courts.

Review contributing writer Sam Gardner says the term “tennis shoes” can be used as “a catch-all for anything that looks like a sneaker.” It turns out that there are specific shoes you should choose for playing tennis, and no, these are not your ordinary, stylish “tennis shoes”.

Gardner says good tennis shoes should be durable, flat-soled, and designed to withstand frequent movements such as quick starts and stops, pivoting and sideways shifts. Adidas’ GameCourt sneakers for men are a great option – they are loved by critics for their comfortable fit and stylish look. For women’s sneakers, the NikeCourt Lite 2 sneakers are designed to support your feet with comfortable cushioning and are affordably priced for Nikes, we might add.

Get Men’s Adidas GameCourt Sneakers at Dick’s Sporting Goods for $ 59.99

Get the NikeCourt Lite 2 sneakers for women at Nike for $ 59.99

8. A tennis bangle to show your spirit

Show your love for sports with a stylish accessory.

If you prefer to show off your love for sports in a chic way, this shiny gold tennis charm bangle from Alex and Ani is a perfect addition to your current stack of bracelets. Can we tell how cute this pop of color is that the tennis ball charm is?

I’ve owned many Alex and Ani bracelets over the years and love how you can show a little personal flair with accessories like your initials, college letters, or symbols from your favorite hobby.

Get the Alex and Ani Team USA tennis charm at Nordstrom Rack for $ 17.97

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