The 11 Abandoned Foods and Drinks Most Missed in New Jersey


Just a mention for one of the favorite foods you grew up with will take you back to good times in your life…especially when it was one of your favorites.

And tasting one of these foods is even better! Every time I eat Captain Crunch, it takes me back to 3rd grade when my sisters and I would go through an entire box on Saturday mornings. What I wouldn’t give to taste Quisp or Quake, two of my favorite cereals!

But what about those foods (or drinks) that you can’t find anymore because, for some reason, the company has stopped making them? We asked our listeners today which missing foods and drinks they would give again. Here’s what we heard.

frank sodas

Apparently from the South Jersey/Philadelphia area, his Wishniak Cherry Soda is sorely missed

Carnation Breakfast Bars

The father of all breakfast bars, they had oats, chopped nuts, and maybe some puffed rice (and chocolate chip flavored chocolate chips), bound together with a splash of corn syrup and surrounded by chocolate. They weren’t chewy like today’s granola bars, more like a soft, nutty crunch.

Mr. Chips

Crunchy chocolate chip cookies that came in sleeves of 8-10 cookies each that people apparently went crazy for.

PB Chips

Kind of like a cross between a potato chip and a cookie, it was a crunchy peanut-shaped chip filled with peanut butter. I don’t know if it was fried or baked, but it doesn’t really matter. It was crazy.

Ben and Jerry’s Flavors

They pull off so many great flavors so often that there is a list of the most missed flavors. Some are Imagine Whirled Peace, What A Cluster and Rainforest Crunch. I’m sure you can add to this list.

Spoon and cup of ice cream


by Canfield

The very popular zero calorie chocolate fudge soda that tasted like chocolate ice cream soda. But only if you were on the kind of diet where you were desperate for something chocolatey. Otherwise it was pretty rude.

Callard & Bowser Licorice Caramel Fingers

Wrapped in its signature silver wrapper with black stripes, it was a black licorice lover’s dream. Soft and chewy dark chocolate tinted with buttercream and caramelized vanilla. It was crazy. Even people who didn’t like black licorice like these.

Campbells Scotch Broth Soup

A mix of mutton and vegetables, this soup was hearty, flavorful and almost homemade with meaty little bits of lamb, barley, vegetables and a very flavorful broth. Looks like you can still get into Canada, but it’s failed here in New Jersey.

manhattan clam chowder, american cuisine



A non-carbonated fruit-flavored drink with small balls in suspension, with the help of an ingredient known as gellan gum. It came in wacky flavors like Black Currant Berry, Blueberry Melon Strawberry, and Pineapple Banana Cherry Coconut.
Unopened bottles of Orbitz have become a collector’s item, appearing on online auction sites.

McDonald’s French Fries Pie

Like no other fast food dessert, this was a crispy shell filled with delicious, really hot baked apples. McDonald’s stopped frying its super popular apple pies – the first dessert ever served at the fast food restaurant – in 1992. You can find plenty of copycat recipes online and Popeyes Apple Pie is right behind it.

Eggo Waf-fulls

Your favorite frozen waffles with the perfect twist: maple syrup filling or fruit flavored jelly. You could grab one on the way out for a perfect breakfast. Without the mess! Hopefully whoever had the brilliant idea to arrest them gets fired. At once.

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