The 5 Best Street Style Trends I’ve Seen in NYFW


In early September, I packed my bags (meticulously, I might add), got on a plane and headed to the fashion industry’s Super Bowl: New York Fashion Week. While the main prerogative is to gather information on what to expect in future seasons (all collections shown were for Spring and Summer 2023), a close runner-up is watching all the NYFW street style.

If there’s a time to wear exactly what your heart desires, it’s NYFW. Nothing is too loud or too bold or too extravagant – absolutely everything is fair game. When you look around, it’s impossible not to feel the change in everyone’s attire. For people who live for fashion, it’s an excuse to look exactly the way you want, without any restrictions.

Despite the individualistic and unconventional nature of many street styles, there were certainly general themes of elements that people chose to include in their outfits. These are the top five street style trends I noticed during NYFW 2022.

1. A Sea of ​​Money

Metallics were predicted to be one of the hottest shoe trends of 2022, so seeing a sea of ​​silver shoes at NYFW was no surprise. But it still gave me a little jolt of dopamine. Cowboy boots, Mary Janes, loafers – I’ve seen them all worn in a silver hue. They were the first thing that caught your eye, regardless of what the rest of the outfit entailed.

Beyond shoes, silver was used as an accent in bags, body chains, belts, and more.

2. Pops of hot pink

With the rise of Barbiecore this summer, it’s no surprise that NYFW street style has put a heavy emphasis on the saturated hue. From using it as a pop of color with shoes and accessories to full-blown hot pink looks, I couldn’t glance around without noticing hot pink was everywhere. In a season known for its deep, moody hues, the color was a refreshing injection of fun that I can’t wait to incorporate into my fall looks. (When you see me wearing my magenta blazer in a loop, don’t be surprised.)

3. All That Glitters

If you think glitter is just for nights out and Harry Styles concerts, you’re deeply mistaken. NYFW street style had people dressed to the nines with glitter, sparkle and sequins in every color of the rainbow. When choosing a glitter-centric outfit, rather than pumping breaks when things started to get intense, they hit the gas. More was absolutely more.

4. Sporty chic

You know those sunglasses your dad used to buy for $3.99 at a gas station on a road trip? When it comes to NYFW street style, they’ve gone high fashion. Sports aesthetics moved away from athleisure and moved closer to athletic fashion. Sweatpants, Nike and Adidas logos and jerseys transformed from training wear into something brand new.

5. The plain white t-shirt

The white tank top was rebranded from something you throw in to sleep to a fall wardrobe necessity, and it was evident at NYFW. When creating the base of their outfit, many turned to a plain white t-shirt or tank top to serve as background noise for the rest of their look. This allowed more statement pieces to do the talking and contributed to a cool, relaxed vibe.

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